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Wp Twin

WP Twin Review

About WP Twin

WP Twin is a WordPress script created by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, with a purpose to provide a clone of any WordPress site. It is essential to back up your work in case a site breaks down, or to restore older versions of your WordPress site if an updated version crashes for some reason. There is always a possibility for the site to crash, leading to loss of data, which can cause some big issues. By using this cloning tool, the process of back up becomes much easier and you would not have to worry about any issues with your site.

WP Twin simplifies deploying and delivering websites to the new server. Moreover, if you need to sell your website and transfer it, change hosts or simply back up, this cloning tool will make the transferring and deploying process really easy. There are no complicated tasks such as creating databases, additional settings and reconfiguration. This tool enables a quick and efficient way to make a copy of virtually everything from your old WordPress site.

WP Twin Features

WP Twin is compatible with any version of WordPress. So, if you update your blog but you are having problems or you lost some content, you can simply restore the older version that you cloned. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what version you are using, the WP Twin works well with all of them. WP Twin is a web based application and for it to work, all you need is an internet connection. It can work on PC, Android, Ipad, Mac and other. It is compatible with almost all hosting accounts.

Extremely fast and simple to use

WP Twin is really fast software and not complicated to use. It is a small php script that you can simply upload to the server so that you can use it. It is not a WordPress plugin and for that reason, you do not have to install anything in your WordPress site. This provides improved functionality and does not affect page speed.

The cloning process is simple. You should go to your site, the one you want to clone, and upload the script. This should be followed by logging into WordPress so that you are identified as an administrator. Then run it and push the clone button. You will be able to see the back up and save it to your hard drive. The next thing you should do is copy another script file to the new WordPress install and run it. Then upload the twin file and deploy the clone. Depending on the size of the website you want to clone, it takes from a few seconds to a few minutes to fully clone it.

Clones absolutely everything

WP Twin will automatically clone absolutely everything on your WordPress site, not only the plugins that you installed, but also pages, content, themes, permalinks and everything else. By using this cloning utility, you would be able to get a copy of your site, which will be in a new location. Besides copying files from one location to another, WP Twin properly changes all internal inks. It also handles link redirects, which are automatically updated. As for the plugins, there is no need to configure or activate these again after cloning, because they will be perfectly copied from the old to the new site automatically. All plugin customised setups will work properly as well as theme settings. WP Twin also transfers any subscribers or members you have from the old to the new WordPress site. It makes a clone of the entire WordPress site including backing up of SQL database.

It might be relevant to mention one less positive aspect of WP Twin plugin. Because there are no uploads and installations in WordPress, there are no scheduling features. Therefore, the cloning of the blogs needs to be done manually. There is an upgrade for automatically scheduled backups, available at the additional price of $ 47.

WP Twin Prices

There are three versions of this plugin available for purchase at the following prices:

Light: $ 97 – 10 domains, 3 months of support, 3  months of updates, 30 days satisfaction guarantee

Standard: $ 147 – 25 domains, 6 months of support, 6 months of updates, 30 days satisfaction guarantee

Unlimited: $ 297 – unlimited domains, 12 months of support, 12 months updates, 30 days satisfaction guarantee

This is certainly a helpful tool for everyone who spends a lot of time working with WordPress. It is not something that is absolutely necessary but it saves time and has some very useful features. It enables quick and simple use, saves a lot of time, especially great for people with many niche sites. Moreover, it is particularly recommended for users that change hosts, change servers, buy and sell sites or simply want to make sure that their sites are backed up. For those users, this is a great purchase.