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WordPress SEO Premium by Yoast

WordPress SEO Premium Plugin Review

Wordpress SEO Premium
  • WordPress SEO Premium
  • Rating: 5
  • WordPress Plugin: Yoast
  • Price: $89 onward
  • Reviewed by:
  • On April 27, 2014
  • Last modified:March 8, 2015

Review Summary:

The intelligent design of this WordPress SEO Premium plugin by Yoast with many well thought-out details allows the owners of WordPress sites to increase organic traffic to their sites. It is highly recommended for everybody who strives for online business success.

WordPress SEO Premium Plugin Review

It is widely known how much SEO is important for the success of a blog or a website, so here is a description of the WordPress SEO Premium plugin that will help you increase organic traffic to your site. The creator of this great plugin is Joost de Valk, who is a web developer and specializes in SEO. On his website, you can find out more about SEO.

First of all, let’s look at what the differences are between WordPress SEO and WordPress SEO Premium plugins. WordPress SEO is the free version, whereas Premium is the paid version, which has some additional features. These include a redirect manager and the integration with Google Webmaster Tools for the improved functionality of WordPress sites. There are also several module add on to the wordpress seo premium example the Google News, user training manual and local seo as well.

WordPress SEO Premium Plugin Features

wordpress seo premium 2

This WordPress SEO Premium Plugin has many features designed to help users optimize their WordPress sites, improve the content, make site titles and descriptions better, clean up permalinks, add breadcrumbs, organize sitemaps and many more.

Titles and Meta Descriptions

WordPress SEO Premium plugin provides a meta box for each page, where you can fill in meta description, keywords and titles. You would also be able to see a snippet preview of what it would look like in browsers. Besides this, you could fill in a focus keyword, see how many characters are left for writing titles and meta descriptions and control everything related to your listing in search engines.

Page Analysis

wordpress seo premium page analysis

This feature provides useful warnings and messages concerning titles, meta description, keyword density, images, links, the length of the post, also whether the post is easy to read. The page analysis is powered by Linkdex and is integrated into WordPress SEO plugins, with the aim to improve content SEO.

Configuration of Meta Robots

You would be able to make setting for each page, such as keeping a page out of the index or choosing the option so that search engines cannot follow certain content. This can be easily adjusted by choosing the ‘advanced’ button.


This feature of WordPress SEO Plugins allows you to avoid penalization from search engines because of the content that is similar or duplicate, by adding the canonical link that the page would point to.

Cleaning up Permalinks

This will simply help you optimize the permanent links to your site. What sometimes happens is that links others send you contain a mistake, or they might use links that are not clean, so this feature allows you to find your content under the permalink you want.


This feature enables users and visitors to navigate your site easily. What this plugin provides is the choice of taxonomy for each post type and the choice of breadcrumbs titles for a page, post and taxonomy.

XML Sitemaps

WordPress SEO Premium plugin allows you to organize your sitemap the way you want to. If you choose a noindex option for a certain page, this plugin will prevent the appearance of the page on your sitemap. It is the same for certain taxonomies, which you would be able to keep out of your sitemap by using this plugin.

RSS Feed Improvement

Another great feature that allows additions of content to both the beginning and the ending of posts in your feed, linking it back to your blog and certain blog post.

Edit Files and Clean up Head Section

WordPress SEO Premium plugin has other features that allow you to edit your robot.txt and .htaccess files in order to keep them updated and cleaned. Moreover, this plugin enables cleaning of the head section.

Redirect Manager

wordpress seo premium redirect

By using WordPress SEO Premium, you would be able to manage redirects from your WordPress site by redirecting old URLs to the new ones.  This allows you to solve any problems easily as well, especially thanks to the integration with Google Webmaster Tools. This works by handling the redirects for you or by generating a redirect file, which you can add to your Apache or NGINX server configuration.

Integration with Google Webmaster Tools

wordpress seo premium webmaster

WordPress SEO Premium plugin with Google Webmaster Tools integration, makes it possible for the users to find crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools, get the data back and immediately fix the errors by using the redirect manager.

WordPress SEO Premium additional add on

There are several add on to the plugin, for me i had only enabled the News and training videos.

wordpress seo premium add on

wordpress seo premium Google news

The Google news add on had just been released. The News SEO plugin allows you to optimize your site for Google News. It creates XML News Sitemaps, editors picks RSS feeds and allows for use of the standout tag and the meta news_keywords tag as well as helping you optimize some of the more advanced XML News sitemap options like stock tickers.

wordpress seo premium manual

The Manual is good for me because it save my time training the editors and clients how to use the WordPress SEO plugin.


There are three common licenses and these include one-year support and upgrades.

The single site license for $ 89

The 5-site license for $ 169

The 20-site license for $ 329

There are also bulk pricing for bigger licenses:

Up to 50 sites for $ 699

Up to 100 sites for $ 1,199

Overall, the intelligent design of this WordPress plugin with many well thought-out details allows the owners of WordPress sites to increase organic traffic to their sites. It is highly recommended for everybody who strives for online business success.