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Say Hello to Great Organization. Say Hello to Trello


Organization just got way sexier with Trello – a visual collaboration tool that pulls together all your ideas, tasks, projects and to-do lists into one stunningly simple interface. This is why i love it: Trello masters the nuts and bolts of organization together with the dynamics of collaboration with finesse. If you have been reading my blog, you will know that i love trello so much.

Its user-friendly job boards are intuitive and there’s freedom to plug information agilely and share it with people you work with. Simply grab a task (aka card) and drop it into a list. Then, get a bird’s eye view on multiple projects, updates and who’s working on what, at a glance.

Trello’s visual appeal and accessibility makes it a huge hit with over one million active users every month. It is not surprising why – the central focus of Trello is its Kanban card wall interface. Users toggle through a drag-and-drop system of cards that represent active job boards; complete with privacy, admin settings, team member actions and job details, and manage its progress over time.

This Trello Ultimate Guide presents to you how simple it is to start using Trello- to get organized and get ahead. It is written for introductory users in mind with an overview on user basics and there are various ways to harness this tool for both work and our personal lives.
The Premier Smart Organization Tool

Here is why Trello is one of the premier smart organization tools that will streamline your work-life demands with ease.

Great way to organize projects
Trello has all the conventions to support quick and responsive project management to create truly successful job boards. The secret to Trello’s success? The power of having all your projects in one place, accessible anywhere and in real time. It is a personal productivity booster through task notifications, file sharing, live discussion archives, customised fields and filters.

Plans out schedules and add members to it
Scheduling is a breeze on Trello as it syncs well with Google Calendar. It is also an efficient people mobilizer. Rope in as many members as you need to help with the logistics of your pool barbeque or discuss pitches for your team’s sales presentation. Simply add a member to the card to receive important updates, attachments and links.

Group members can easily be kept in the loop and discussions and comments kept alive by easily @mentioning each other. Group members understand job roles with ease with everyone literally “on the same page”.

Monitor and ensure projects are on track
Gone are the days of multiple to-do lists and sticky notes which well, don’t stick. Trello is a digital whiteboard with a seamlessly logical flow, where tasks are moved from left to right like a timeline that ensures you meet deadlines and achieve what you set out to do.

Introducing Trello Basics

Essentially, Trello is a system of boards, lists and cards.


The board is the working base for your list of jobs. On it you can schedule multiple jobs or projects that require your attention to form multiple lists. Add a cool background and you are ready to be productive.

trello list

The list can contain multiple cards that can be arranged into your preferred workflow. Lists can also be arranged to show the different stages of work your cards are in.

A card can contain information of the task, member comments, file attachments and checklists.

Add labels to categorize a card by type and sort them by colours.

trello due date
Due dates or deadlines (dates and time) can be added and a badge prompt will appear on the card in advance to keep you on track. When the task is finished, drag it into a list of “Completed Projects”.

Live Smart with Trello

There are 1001 ways to use Trello for your productive best both at work and at home. Here are some creative ideas how to get started in your personal life:

Be on Top of Things With Your Personal To Do List
Ever had the headache of having 101 things to do but not have time to complete them? Well, Trello is as good as your personal task manager. Use it to run errands on precious weekend time: send out invites, clear the storeroom and organise an exhibition.

Trello is an especially good tool for visual people – with projects easily tracked in a top to bottom view and across, in a timeline. Create a card for each idea by manipulating multiple aspects of your project. Jot down notes and delegate them to others. Simply drag and drop and organize them into categories with lists based on most urgent tasks.

Colour code them with attached documents and due dates so that everything gets completed in good time! Accessibility is super easy as Trello has apps you can download for iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets and Kindle Fire tablets, for access on your mobile phones. By the way Corey Ferreira had a very cool trello system that he used to increase 10xed his productivity with trello

Renovate your Home Without Hassle

Trello Home Renovation

Large scale projects like home renovations can be excellently handled across the Trello boards. Home renovation projects suck up time and usually involve a huge amount of time in coordination and communication. Make lists of contractors and their quotes, compare rates across various suppliers.

During the research phase, save articles and images of design ideas, flooring, furniture that you might like. Liaise with your designer on all these elements so that processes and communication runs smooth. You can even use trello to manage your money after your renovation was done, Ryan Dube had a very cool trello system to manage money.

As an Idea Log
Ever come across a great idea and not know where to save it? Getting stuck with no inspiration? Get going with an idea log so fresh new ideas don’t need to come out of a dry well. Trello is a superb tool to help you brainstorm and collect your thoughts in one place.


Simply create a card for each great idea and build it from there, connecting the dots to creating good content, with due dates attached.

To do list template

Content Calender template

CRM Template

GTD Template

Project Management Template

Niche Site Template

Keep an Editorial Calendar
Bloggers out there will find that Trello provides a useful system to organize blog ideas and create a productive editorial calendar that could involve many contributors and writers across multiple deadlines.

For blog articles, create a card to represent a blog post and see its move across different stages of conception: brainstorming, key ideas, first draft, editing all the way till its “Published”. Access the “Calender” feature by simply going to Menu >Power Ups > Enable Calender.

If you are looking for more advanced trello content management take a look at Abbie Reedy from Heroic Search how to create a multi-client content calender with trello.

Plan your Perfect Vacation
Before planning your perfect getaway, use Trello to plan your daily travel itinerary. You can create a list for each day of the trip, with colour coded cards for every type of activity be it a romantic dinner for two at the beach, or outdoor activities like kayaking or hiking.


Code yellow for outdoor fun and blue for good places to eat and green for transport options. Make a list of tour operators and their prices to compare costs of day trips and logistics of the day. Manage your packing list by creating a checklist of items on your cards.


Make Job Hunting a Breeze

With Trello, organise a job search board to find that job you always wanted. Compile a list of potential companies you are keen to work for in your area of specialty or field.


Keep track of a list of employment openings with details on job roles and requirements. Fill in comments and details of the job hunt by attaching web links, information of the company and profiles of people you’ve talked with.

Work Smart with Trello
Using Trello for your business is one of the smartest things that you could do to improve and manage productivity. Streamline work processes for your staff and team, saving both time and money, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Organise your Clients
Schedule your meetings by creating lists to make organizing your clients a smooth process. Plug in minutes of the meeting and client briefs into a card. Tag the client to ensure accountability on both ends and receive notifications to remind both parties of upcoming meetings schedules. Set due dates also to track task completion and deadlines before the next meeting. Colour code to indicate who’s responsible for which task.

Use Trello as your support ticketing system

Use Trello as your ticket tracking tool or issue tracker and navigate with ease. Add a ticket to an existing Trello card or create a new one. Manage your IT infrastructure without hassle or complications.

Use Trello as your CRM

As a personal CRM, Trello enables you to visualise your customer network with the accompanying contact lists, company lists, possible leads, opportunities, and conversion ratios. Create cards for orders with essential information like the customer’s name, phone number, product model on each card. Establish your workflow system and move cards through stages: pending, work in progress, delivered. You could even attach pictures of receipts before cards are archived for future business. Know what your customer needs by creating relevant members, cards and boards to create healthy project management.

Plan a Promotion or Launch
The launch of a new marketing campaign usually involves the combination of simultaneously moving parts comprising multiple people running the show within different teams and even continents! Trello allows you to achieve tight organization within all the parties involved. Create a new board for your marketing campaign and create lists for each phase of publicity or types of marketing strategies like subscriber emails, blogposts or click-to-tweets

Manage different on-going projects
Trello excels in pulling together problem solving capacities by providing a good platform for collaboration amongst stakeholders and your team. At the task level, assign co-workers with a specific task or action. At the project level, Trello can be set to remind teams to have conversations with an impending deadline while sending alerts to respective managers. Trello keeps conversations tight and efficient, without lapses.

Trello essentially functions as a “Life Manager” –while allowing you sufficient white space to do life itself. Like all good organization tools, Trello enables users to do a brain “dump” while still being on the ball with task management across different sectors of life, work and family. With Trello, it is easy to organize anything with anyone in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.


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