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Russell Smith

Joseph was very specific in his advice about improving wordpress speed. As an agency owner, his advice is very valuable to me and I will be implementing his recommended changes for sure. Highly recommend getting in touch with Joseph.

Vinson Han

Joseph was sincere in sharing his professional opinion during our Skype call regarding web hosting for my business as I was researching on that particular topic and he is someone whom I can trust and someone whose opinion that I value highly. The call was really helpful in giving me the information that I need in the decision making.

Lester Lim

Joseph was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in giving me advice on the details of maintaining my site's security with a few tools and actions to take in configuring my site's Cpanel. The chat gave me good insights to understand the topic better, which otherwise it's be totally foreign to me as a non-techie. I'd highly recommend you speak to Joseph if you need any help.

Wilson Lau

Joseph was very generous with his knowledge for SEO and Hosting and shared everything that he knows. I have better understanding in SEO after the consultation with him and I will apply the tips that he have shared in my blog!

Yee Yonfai

I am glad to have some of my toughest questions about SEO answered by Joseph. He has provided me many useful insights and resources which i can apply on my marketing efforts during a short meeting on Skype. Thanks!