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Switchbox SEO

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Who is Terry Kyle?

terry kyle







– He is the owner of the popular forum

– He is the creator of SEOExpertAcademy, Backlinks Hydra & Domain black belt.

One of the 2014 SEO approaches, which I decided to test in order to see if it would work, was the switchbox SEO strategy.

The concept of Switchbox SEO

Current multi-tiered link building, which has been around for a long time, looks like this:

multi tiers backlinking


Any changes done in the backlink profile in this format must be processed one site at the time, such as changing over-optimized Anchor, removing links before applying for a Reconsideration Request if manually penalized by Google, moreover, sending emails to webmasters, begging to remove links, removing harmful links to a site or a specific page and more.

Besides, what will happen if a high ranking client stops paying for your SEO services and the links are not built on the sites that you own (even if you do, there could be hundreds, even thousands of webpages, which makes it complicated).

What if there is some better way to manage links? Maybe the following:

  1. Lay a foundation of thousands of perfectly regular press release backlinks (as normal companies do in their white hat SEO) to create the illusion of a backlink profile that is semi-regular and then
  2. Run all OTHER backlinks through ‘switchboxes’, that we could turn off or send to other places with the flick of a ‘switch’, for example:

switchbox seo


This sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, what exactly are the switchboxes? Our switchboxes would be new domains that we 301 are going to redirect to our Money Site.

For this test, I am going to follow this kind of switchbox configuration:-

switchbox seo


or something like this

switchbox seo


Switchbox SEO Configuration

What I like about the second switchbox SEO configuration approach is that you are able to turn off the links if the Google update is in the process, in which case you would generally need to pay someone to beg webmasters to remove the links from their websites.

Therefore, in this testing process, I am going to do this, so that I can examine the strategy.

I set up the configuration testing, as shown below

  • The test is hosted in Singapore using my E-Alchemists’ hosting
  • The test site is set up to rank locally
  • The domain is 6 years old and PR 2
  • There are currently 74 backlinks found using Ahref
  • On-page optimization is finished
  • I am going to rank 20 local keywords

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Overall, I am excited about this new strategy and the idea of turning off the links is great, when the site is in the process of Google updating. We can easily turn off the links and redirect to another site, in order to start over again.

I would like to hear your opinions about this experiment so far. What I described is just an introduction to the experiment and I hope it would be enough to attract your attention.

Do you have any questions or comments?  You can share your opinions below!




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