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Switchbox SEO Experiment Update 2

Switchbox SEO Experiment Update 2

Want to use Switchbox as a buffer site for your SEO, then read on for my latest update on this topic. If you are interested, please check at Original Switchbox SEO Plan. If you could recall, I am using three (3) domains as buffer to 301, so as to redirect it to the main site.

switchbox seo

Interestingly enough, I went to deactivate two (2) domains, namely:  1 and 2, the GSA and blog network links and left it like that for two months. As expected, the ranking dropped and I am now out of the Top 10!

switchbox seo ranking

Now let’s see, if I activate domain 1 & 2 will the ranking go up again? I am currently checking all the links using Insyder Backlink Monitor, a link management tool. My reason for checking it is because I wanted to see why there are dead links. I could also add another layer of tier 3 link to enhance the tier 1 link. Yup, that is all and we’ll see how the experiment goes.

Here are the updates

Switchbox SEO Concept

Switchbox SEO Update 1

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