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switchbox seo

Switchbox SEO Experiment Update 1

Switchbox SEO

Last month I started the Switchbox SEO  experiment and now here is the update. Since I started the experiment, I’ve done the following. First, let’s take a look at the rankings. Below are the rankings of the 20 local keywords:

switchbox seo

I ordered 50 high quality PR blog posts from SE Slingshot that cost USD147, pointing to domain 1, which will be used for blog network links. SE Slingshot is a blog network owned by Jacob Hagberg. So far, I used this blog many times and it always worked!


I also ordered a press release pointing directly to the money site in order to build some link velocity. Daniel Tan from Marketers Media , writes and distributes press releases and I am using the premium service for $89.

marketers media

So far, the steps were as following:

switchbox seo

Then, I started using blasting links to domains 2 and 3 using Fiverr.

Domain 2- Ran a GSA campaign for 3 days. GSA Search Engine Ranker was released last year by a German company, GSA Software. It previously had software, used for submitting websites to various search engines and directories, but that method stopped working ages ago.

Initially it was released with few platforms such as articles, blog comments, forums, bookmarks etc. With time and a huge user base, about 150+ platforms were added. It is currently one of the best automated tools on the market.


Domain 3 – Ran a SeNuke Xcr The Full Monty 2014. SeNuke is also another popular SEO tool on the market and it performs about the same as GSA.


switchbox seo

Here are my current rankings:

 switchbox seo ranking

It seems that the rankings are now having a Google dance and they are more or less stable.

Do you have any questions or comments?  You can share your opinions below!


Here are the updates on this experiment

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  • Jeff Kingston

    Joseph, did you run all the links through the root domain on the switchboxes? ex. all PBN links to the root domain as opposed to various pages? Would there be any advantage to setting a switchbox site up on a hosting plan in order to create various pages (both on the switchbox and in the redirects to the money site) and spread links across those pages?

  • wkhojoseph

    Hi Jeff I run all the links to the root domain of the switchboxes. All my switchboxes domain are hosted differently from the money site. Then I redirect the switchboxes to the money site.