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Switchbox seo

Switchbox SEO Experiment Update 3

switchbox seo

If you can recall when I first started on switchbox seo, actually I was just playing around with it. I wrote an update about it here.

However, that technique becomes very common in the SEO forum. Many people report that the technique works great especially when the technique works with old age domain like the switchbox.

What I tested for the past several months on this experiment was deactivating 301 redirects to see if the ranking would drop. That is why you didn’t see me updating this experiment anymore.

It’s true that the ranking dropped and almost disappeared from Google. Therefore I redesigned the site and restarted the experiment again in October.

Here are what I am going to do :

  • Re-activate the switchbox and add in a few more switchbox
  • Add-in social signals
  • 18 Direct Links (2 Days per 1 post) from my Amaterasu Network
  • Claim my business on Google (because this is a local site)
  • Direct press release

I also added-in more keywords after doing using my new keyword research process. Basically what I did was using SEMrush to reverse my top 10 competitors and see which keywords give them the most traffic and conversation.

After 2 weeks which I only added-in social signals, still dripped feeding the direct PBN link, and claimed my business on Google, I got very good result. The result is my ranking finally came back!

Switchbox seo

As you can see in the figure above that the ranking started to rank after I reactivated the switchbox and added-in some links . This proves that the switchbox SEO could be turned on and off whenever you like.

Check out for my next update very soon. Yup, that’s all for today and we’ll see how the experiment goes. Stay tuned!

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