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Case Study – Recovering a Penguin Penalized Site

Case Study – Penguin Penalized Site

I will start a new SEO case study. This case study will be about recovering a penalized penguin site. Let me give you some history of this website:-

  • Used to be top 3 websites in local for very competitive keywords
  • Domain age – 3 years
  • Hosted locally where the business is.

Link Profile cleaned up

I am using ‘ahref’ to do the link profile clean up. Here are the stats:-

reover penguin 1

reover penguin 2

  • By using ‘ahref’ or ‘majestic’ you can see the link profile easily. From the picture above, you can see that there is a total of 6.4k backlinks to the website. But wait, take a look at the links!

reover penguin 3Around 4000 links are hack links that is pointed to my  site which means very BAD! It seems like the website has been hit by negative SEO too.

reover penguin 4

When I took a look at the anchor text ratio, I found that the main keywords are over optimized.

Immediate Action

The first task is to disavow link. I went to export the “DO FOLLOW” links from ‘ahref’. We only need  to care about “do follow” because those links are passing the link juice. After exporting the links out, i went to google disavow tool to disavow hack links from the hack domain. Use the below format when uploading the text file :

By adding a common “domain:” prefix to the left of all domain, this ensures that those sites are disavowed at a domain level


reover penguin 5

The Backlinks Strategy

reover penguin 6

As usual i will be using the 301 redirect switchbox technique to protect site. I used to do a lot of direct linking to the main money site which is pretty bad. The only direct linking i allow now is press release. Switchbox technique allows’ me to turn on and off the links whenever i feel something is wrong.

Up next i will be doing the keyword research again for this site. Stay Tuned

PS: I recently using Power Suggest Pro to become part of my keyword research process. You can check out my review here.