Introduction to Power Suggest Pro

Keyword research is one of the most important steps you can take before starting any website. If you’re still new to this very powerful too, here’s a little video where I explain how keyword research works:

We know that Google Keyword Planner only allows you a max of 800 keywords, depending on which niche you are in. So what do you do if you need more keywords?

Here’s an example to highlight how 800 keywords just aren’t enough sometimes.

For my authority site experiments, 79% of traffic comes from search engines.

search traffic


According to Google Analytics, there are a total of 1742 keywords driving traffic to the site. 80% of the 1742 keywords are long tailed keywords.

keyword datasLong tail keywords are a type of keyword phrase that has a minimum of three, or even as many as five words within the phrase. Long tail keywords are highly specific and draw less traffic to the website. However, it tends to draw more quality traffic, which leads to more conversions than normal keywords.

Still not convinced ? According to Google Webmaster, there are a total of 5378 queries and 175,896 impressions. Queries are the actual keywords that users enter into Google search, while impressions are the number of times that your website shows on the Google search.

webmaster data

Most of these queries are long tailed keywords, phrases or keywords that actual users are keying into Google search. So the question is, how are you going to generate long tailed keywords if you are not running an authority site like me?

Introduction of Power Suggest Pro

Introducing Power Suggest Pro , a keyword research tool that allows you to find more long tail keywords. Power Suggest Pro is a keyword and market research tool that leverages on the auto-suggestion feature of multiple search engines to reveal millions of popular search phrases people are searching online every day. Here’s an introduction vid:


After watching the Power Suggest Pro video, you might be thinking how you can make full use of Power Suggest Pro for your keyword research. So I’ve created a tutorial video that further explains how you can use the tool to your advantage:

As you can see by using Power Suggest Pro , you are able to generate tons of keyword ideas for your content marketing and SEO. Long tail keyword is one of the key success factors for my authority site. If you need any help in your keyword research, don’t hesitate to contact me!