Pay Per Sale Authority Site Model Experiment

Hi, guys! I know it’s been a while since the last time that I published content on my blog. This year, I’ve decided to be more proactive on this front. That means there will be more content here on my website as well as experiments and case studies to drop down my thoughts.

For this video, I’m going to talk about pay-per-sale authority site model that I’ve just started testing. It’s not new on the market. A few people are doing it, with very successful websites.

The idea for me is, I want to create an authority site in the finance niche in Singapore. It’s a very tough competition in terms of SEO, and there’s also a lot of players in this industry.

So what I was thinking was to create a kind of authority site which we will monetize by pay-per-sale. So I will be working with a partner using their website and to drive traffic through SEO. All the links that come from the site will be given to my partner for them to close the sales.

It’s a B2C market, and with each sale that my partner closes, I will get a certain percentage of the profit. This is part of the website revenues. Also, based on the partner, they will then pay me a low retainer, in order for me to speed up the SEO process. I will need to purchase links, PBN, etc. to push up the website to the first page of the SERPs. That way, they can get more traffic as well as links.

My idea is to create a local lead generation authority site, which has a lot of information content. The information content is those like a shotgun skyscraper and Backlinko ultimate guide. So we’ll have ultimate guides in certain areas in finance, and the idea is to rank up all these kinds of content to drive in the readers first. And they will be eased into filling out the form and my partner will give them a call.

Basically, it can be about a loan in Singapore. For example, I will create one piece of content about loans. Without the information about the exact loan, they will opt-in below. And my partner will give them a call. This is just an example.

It could be like moneylenders, whereby people will need money. They will fill out the form for a short-term loan and my partner, the loan company, will then reach out to them. If they close the deal, I will then get a certain percentage of the profit.

It’s a risk for my site as an SEO agency, but in the long-term run, my vision is to build more of this kind of website to sustain the revenue. It will be a more passive source of revenue for my company.

In summary, the whole idea is to publish a website, create a lot of good quality content to drive the readers in. Either they’ll opt into the email list or fill out the form. And then my partner will come in to close the deal. I will get a certain percentage as well as a retainer to purchase links to speed up the progress. From there, we will drive more traffic and website growth. It will be a long battle because of the industry we are in. The finance industry in Singapore is very, very competitive. There are a lot of big players. The angle we are approaching this with is through publishing a lot of content in the finance industry, driving more visitors through high-quality information. We’ll measure the opt-in rate as well as retargeting ads to the readers. This is just the first video about the PPS website that I have in mind. I will be doing this for a long time.

The website is up; it just needs some updates. The overall research, keyword research, and content hub have all been done. We have been able to upload more than 40 pieces of content already. But the SEO, backlinking hasn’t been started yet because the website is still new and I wanted to make sure that the website’s silo structure is correct before I start the backlinking to minimise the effort. I will publish more updates as the project progresses in my blog. If you want to follow this public case study of a PPS site, subscribe to my Youtube channel and opt into my email list. I will get back to you soon if I have any updates.