OptinMonster the Plugin that Will Increase the Number of Your Email Subscribers


If you want to improve and advance your online business, whether you own a website, a blog or deal with online marketing, take a look at a description of the tool that will help you make your online business more successful. The OptinMonster is a cleverly designed plugin that will help you turn many visitors of your website into subscribers. This sounds great, doesn’t it? This plugin is becoming more and more popular because of its features, easy and fast setup and its overall effectiveness. One of the many case studies shows that using OptinMonster has led to the 600 % increase in email subscribers.

OptinMonster Features and Usage

OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin. If you want to try it out, you are required to have a WordPress site and any of the following email softwares: Mail Chimp, AWeber, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Infusion soft, Mad Mimi or Get Response. This plugin is easy to set up and it takes only 60 seconds. Then you can customize and get familiar with the features of the plugin and test what works best for you. This plugin was designed with a purpose to turn the visitors of your site into potential subscribers by offering a smart lightbox pop-up.

Screenshot of Optinmonster


Optinmonster dashboard which is easy to use

optinmonster screenshoot3

optinmonster screenshoot4

optinmonster screenshoot5

Why should you use pop-up opt-in forms?

Most people have an aversion to popup opt-in forms and everyone can agree that these can be annoying. However, today pop-ups are widely used and have a great importance for all individuals who have some kind of online presence and the reason is simple, their use is an efficient way to get more email subscribers. There are many case studies, which show that using pop-ups actually leads to the increase of subscriptions. Of course, it is important to choose the pop-up optin form that will be beneficial and responsive for your website.

The list of OptinMonster features

By using OptinMonster, you can explore and use different features of the plugin and the most relevant features are:

  • A/B testing – It is a feature that allows you to test different styles, layouts, headlines and content in order to find out what works better and what gets the best conversion rates.
  • Page level targeting – If you want to target individual pages and build a hyper targeted list, this feature of the plugin will help you do it. You will be able to display a targeted message on a specific page.
  • Different Optin Form Designs – You will be able to create a variety of great optin form designs that you can try out in order to achieve the increase of conversion rates.
  • Built-in analytics – This will allow you to see the statistics concerning visitors, views, conversion rates and most responsive designs.

The ‘Exit-Intent’ – the Most Relevant Feature of OptinMonster

According to the OptinMonster, 70 % of the website visitors never return to the site after they leave it. Knowing this it becomes crucial to find a way to keep the visitors on the site. As already mentioned, it is a great solution to use pop-ups and the one that is possibly the best option for a website owner is a smart lightbox pop-up.

So we come to the essential feature of this plugin, the ‘exit-intent’ technology. This will allow you to detects when a visitor is about to leave the site and at that moment, the pop-up will appear. This plugin is designed to launch a targeted campaign at the particular moment when the user moves the cursor away from the page area. It functions by targeting users’ behaviour. This is great because it does not annoy the users, as they were leaving the page anyway, but it gives them the possibility to decide whether to subscribe at that moment.

Many examples prove that this strategy is useful for numerous visitors, because it gives them the opportunity to read the content and then decide if it is worth further reading and subscribing. It actually works as a reminder for the visitors.

Multiple Optin Types

The use of OptinMonster is very simple. The plugin is made in such a way that all essential features are contained in one file, whereas other optional features are included in extra files. When you install OptinMonster, it will be added to WordPress with a link to the dashboard. You will also be able to update the plugin.

The first thing to do when you start using OptinMonster is to create new optin and then to choose an optin type. The optin types are Footer bar, Slide in and Lightbox. The footer bar displays horizontally with a sign up form. The slide in optin form is placed in the bottom right corner and the visitor has the option to activate it. These can be fully customised concerning text, format, size and colour. By using these optin types, you would have certain limitations. There is only one theme that could be chosen, for both footer bar and slide in. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to format words, add page breaks or your HTML.

When you choose your optin type, the next step is the form configuration. Here you should fill in your email provider settings. You are required to have one of the supported email marketing softwares as already mentioned.

You will be able to create an unlimited number of forms for your website and choose the specific pages where these forms will be available. In this way, you can add your visitors to different email lists, which is a great option if you have a variety of topics on your site.

What you need to do next is select a design. The lightbox optin provides four appealing themes with options for customising. Final settings include output settings concerning the position of optin forms display.

OptinMonster Prices

It is important to mention that all options include: unlimited forms, A/B testing, analytics and page level targeting. According to your own needs, you can choose between these four options:

Basic: $ 49 (1 site, 1 year support, no exit intent, basic optin types)

Plus: $ 99 (3 sites, 1 year support, no exit intent, advanced optin types)

Pro: $ 199 (unlimited sites, 1 year support, exit intent, premium optin types)

Ultimate: $ 349 (unlimited sites, lifetime support, exit intent, premium optin types)

This lead generation WordPress plugin is great because it is subtle. Its features give each individual with a web business, an opportunity to customize and use the qualities of this plugin to the fullest, with the aim to build more popular websites with a growing number of subscribers.

I had been using optinmonster for my authority site for 3 months now and below is my result


3 months after using optinmonster

As you can before i was using optinmonster i was getting very low opt in but after installing optinmonster and using the A/B split test i was getting almost 3 to 5 optin per day! which is highest opt in i ever get.