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Niche Sites Mastermind Income Report

Niche Sites Mastermind Income Report Roundup – July

As some of my most popular posts are my income reports, I’ve decided to do a Mastermind Income report roundup, as evidently curious minds are eager to find out about the progress I’ve made in that area!

I mentioned starting a Niche Sites Mastermind Group – and in order to push everyone’s income to the next level, I feel that an income roundup would serve a good purpose: not to pressurize, but to act as a form of encouragement to motivate members who aren’t quite meeting their targets that online passive income can be achieved. As a team, I believe that those who are leading have a job to encourage those members who are lagging behind!

(For their privacy, while I’m sharing their profiles, I’m also keeping the members’ names and their sites confidential.)

Introduction of Mastermind Members


Member – Joseph Ho (me)

My end of year 2014 goal is to grow my online passive income to $500 per month. I will be growing 2 more authority blogs which is and

I am am focusing on building authority sites. Some of these sites started off as niche sites but eventually, they evolved into authority sites.

In the month of July I earned $292.93 – full details of the income report can be read here.

Member – A

Member A is focusing on Amazon niche sites. He currently has 3 niche sites he created himself and has bought 2 amazon sites from One of the sites cost $1300 and the other cost $1000. His end of year goal is to achieve online passive income of $1500 per month. Another goal of his is to build a private blog network of 30 sites.

By purchasing other people’s niche sites, he is able to speed up the progress of his online income without creating niche sites from scratch, and a lot of time is saved by doing this.

In the month of July, he earned $1183.44. Here’s the breakdown:

Amazon: $904.28
Adsense : $279.16
Expenses : $718.77
Net profit : $464.37

Member – B

Member B is quite new to niche sites creation, she is now focusing on the baby and parenting niche. Her end of year goal is to achieve monthly passive income of $100. She is also building her own private blog network and is targeting to complete at least 5 PBN sites by the end of the year. One of her niche sites is getting 2000 visitors per month and the niche sites mastermind group members are helping her to improve her conversion on amazon.

She is currently on nohatseo internship and have been practicing keyword research since.

In the month of July she earned $2.26 from Adsense.

Member – C

Member C has a unique profile, pretty different from the rest of us. He is a CPA marketer instead of niche site creator, however, some of the stuff he has shown us are quite useful for niche site creators. His end of year goal is to master PPV & mobile traffic source and also to build a personal blog on paid traffic. He is currently having private coaching with one CPA expert and is still learning more about CPA marketing.

In the month of July he earned $600 and here’s breakdown:
CPA : $600
Expenses : $1800
Net Profit : -$1200

Member S – We call her the queen of niche sites.

Member S has an end of year goal to have at least 30 niche sites developed. Each niche site needs to have at least 5 articles or more. It must also be profitable or at least cover the costs. Another goals of her is to to have at least $1500 passive income from the niches sites that she has developed.

One of her niche sites is using Authority Parasite Strategy – for example, to promote health products. Another niche that she is focusing on is the pet industry.

In the month of July she earned $826.74 and here’s the breakdown:

Health Niche : $523
Adsense : $202
Amazon : $96.48
InfoBarrel : $4.88

Her strategy to grow her passive income is to have more niche sites: for example if each niche site generates $100 per month she can easily earn $3000 per month. Most of the niche sites are SEO driven – by spotting low competition keywords, she can can rank easily and get to google 1st page. Currently she is focusing on Parasite Site in the health niche.

In Summary
As this is my first mastermind income roundup, I’ve included what I feel is relevant for now – but I definitely welcome any feedback on anything else that would be useful to include!