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Niche Sites Mastermind Income Report Roundup – August

After doing my July Mastermind income report round up last month, I received a lot of good feedback and some even told me they got inspired!

Niche Site Mastermind

In August, we actually did a physical meet-up session to discuss how to go about leveling up our online income. In this mastermind group, we motivate each other to grow our online income, and to push ourselves. We also share resources as in software, hosting and wordpress themes & plugins, which will lower the costs of starting an online business.

Here’s the Niche Sites Mastermind August Income Report Round Up.

Mastermind Members Income For August

Member – Joseph Ho (me)

In the month of August I earned $313.31 – full details of the income report can be read here.
For August I focused on testing on my authority sites. It’s a new ad network that focuses on food and branding marketing, but the test result is not that great because of low CPM. I will continue to monitor the campaign. But there’s another good piece of news – my authority site finally broke the 50k vistiors mark! Overall the traffic is still continuing to grow.

Member – A August Income

Member A is focusing on Amazon niche sites. He currently has 3 niche sites he created himself and has bought 2 amazon sites from Here is the breakdown income for August

Amazon – $632.60
Adsense – $220.14

Total Income – $852.74

Expenses for August:

Elance – $146.65
Godaddy – $348.55
Hosting – $59.71
PBN – $51.60
Software – $21.91

Total Expenses – $628.42

Net Profit for August: $224.32

Member A told me that he is currently facing some negative SEO on his main site that typically earns quite a bit. Thus his income drop could be due to loss of ranking – because of this drop in rankings, his niche site traffic also dropped too.

Member – B August Income

Member B is quite new to niche site creation, she is now focusing on the baby and parenting niche.

Adsense: $4.81
Amazon: $0.68 ( A few more pending shipping – but it has been quite a while!)

Total: $5.49

Amazon will only pay out your commission when your item is shipped, which is why some money is pending. Member B improved her income by 142% ! Her increase in income is due to one of her niche site ranking improving, however the conversion is still not good and she is working on it.

Member – C August Income

Member C has a unique profile, pretty different from the rest of us. He is a CPA marketer instead of niche site creator. For this month he did not report his income

Member – S August Income

I call her Queen of niche sites because she has created a lot of niche sites from scratch.

Adsense – $267.62
Amazon- $119.19
Health Product – $569 ( Parasite niche site )
InfoBarrel – $3.35
Total – $959.16

Expenses: Domains + Renewals – $89.528
Freelancers – $5
PBN – $25
Software – $115.17
Hosting – $61.732
Total – $296.43

Profit – $662.73

Her Parasite niche site is still earning strong!

In Summary
As this is my 2nd mastermind income roundup, I’ve included what I feel is relevant for now – but I definitely welcome any feedback on anything else that would be useful to include!