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Niche Sites Mastermind Group

Why do I need a Mastermind Group?

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About 3 months ago, I started to suffer from online ‘depression’ and loneliness. Why? You may ask. Well, basically I didn’t have anyone to talk to when it comes to online business and marketing. Most of my friends do not understand what I’m talking about when it comes to SEO, niche sites creation and website building.

I didn’t always feel this way. When I first started out in internet marketing, I suffered from information overload instead.  Because there’s so much to learn when it comes to online marketing, and you are unsure where to start. Only after trying out various aspects of online marketing, do you decide to focus on one or two things like SEO or list building etc.

Then when you starting making your first DOLLAR online, you will feel DAMN GOOD and it’s like striking lottery. So you continue to learn, test and continue honing your skills. And this is the point where you will start to feel lonely and you need someone to talk to! So I developed a sense of loneliness…

Even though there are forums, facebook groups and skype chat group, it’s still not enough. People need to talk about the topic they love in order to feel more confident in doing it. When I tried to talk to my friends they will give me this feeling:

confuse baby

They will be thinking: what are you talking about ? What is conversion rate, link building or list building? Yes, after some time, you will just feel lonely and you feel that you need to be connected to kindred spirits that have the same interests as you.

Forming The Mastermind Group

While going through so many forums and facebook groups, I knew that there are many mastermind groups available, but I thought it might be difficult to connect with people who are not on the same level. Which led me to think: why not form my own group?

I went to the Singapore Smart Passive Income Facebook group to see if anyone was interested. The main topic for the mastermind group is niche site building, and I asked the group if any like-minded people would like to join and meet up every two weeks to discuss the topic. To my surprise, 4 people expressed interest and here we are!

Niche Site Mastermind Objective

The objective of this mastermind group is to push everyone to the next level. For example, I am earning $100 per month, my next level is to earn $200 per month! It is also a place for discussing any issues on their current niche site building.

All members MUST follow the below rules :-

  • 1) Set a bi weekly goal and end of year goal
  • 2) Must attend the online meeting bi weekly
  • 3) Must update progress on Trello
  • 4) Keep the meeting short and sweet at 1h 30mins MAX
  • 5) All questions must be asked on Trello

Why do we have rules for this mastermind group? From my past experience of other mastermind groups, the group will die after 3 months because no one is pushing each other.

The rules also allow everyone to stay focused and also to motivate each other on their niche site building if we feel that someone is off track.

I will be updating more on my blog and might start another group of masterminds for niche site building or other topics. If you are interested please join the waiting list!

  • Joseph, I used to feel the same way as you do 4-5 years ago.

    But with all due respect to my family and friends, I realized that they are NOT the right people I should share with.

    Let me ask you these:

    1. Are they entrepreneurs?

    2. Have they made millions online?

    And since you yourself haven’t at the start and got no result to show for, it is very hard for them to believe you.

    It has come to my realization that if I want to succeed, I should learn and share with people who are already successful in what I want to accomplish.

    It’s only when I achieved results, then I share with them.

    Family I cannot disconnect since it is our Asian upbringing that family blood is thicker than water.

    But friends I can choose to connect and disconnect. In fact I disconnected with many of them since doing IM full-time. Because they are NOT the people I should hang out with.

    And these days when people asked me what I do for a living, I just tell them I help business owners to build websites and help them get sales.

    No need to tell them affiliate marketing, niche marketing etc.

    They won’t understand anyway and not interested to know.

    Unless you achieved results.

  • wkhojoseph


    My mastermind run differently, the group are about the same standard as me. The objective of the mastermind is to progress together. In fact we motivate and push each other because we set weekly goals. Is like a group coaching.

    For me I don’t disconnect with friends since I started IM, I only disconnect with people that had a lot of negative thoughts.

  • If friends are negative, I will certainly disconnect. It has come to my conclusion based on experiences that if I want to succeed in whatever I want to do, I not only need to find like-minded people but people who are already successful in what I want to accomplish as well, makes sense?

  • Hi Joseph

    I’m wondering if you are still running the mastermind group. I would love to join if possible. Having a local group of like-minded people to bounce ideas and keep accountable to will be pretty awesome.


  • wkhojoseph

    Hi Jane, I used to run the Mastermind however is hard to get other people to commit. Now I am focusing on 1 on 1 kind of Mastermind, which I find it better. If you interested we can have a chat. You can book my time here.

  • Thanks Joseph for the reply. That’s an interesting concept. I’ll probably contact you when I have formed a list of questions to ask you. 🙂


  • wkhojoseph

    Hi Jane,

    Sure! Let’s talk!