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Niche E-Commerce Project 2

Welcome to The Niche E-Commerce Project 2

Niche E-Commerce Project 2

The Niche E-Commerce Project: What’s the Project All About?

I didn’t get the chance to talk about this project in the past because I was not ready. However, after going through several tests and meetings with the JV partners, I am finally ready to talk about this project.

Basically this site is almost the same as the niche e-commerce project one except that it can be targeted at global market. It is in the apparel industry and the same terms and conditions apply as for project one.

We handled everything online and JV partner will take care of the fulfilment. We will take 15% of the overall profit which includes offline sales as well. As this included branding in terms of marketing online, it would reasonable for us to take a certain percentage of the offline sales as well.

Here is what happened before we took over this project;

  • they had 2 sites; one for the company and another was e-commerce
  • their e-commerce site was selling a lot of other products from other vendor that were somehow related to their own products.
  • total online revenues in 2014 was $22k
  • very complex website layout like sg
  • 10k facebook fans but not many are engaging
  • the branding was already there for many years, however it was used incorrectly
  • they regularly appear in megashow, 4 times a year
  • the organic search traffic was low
  • did not have a good email marketing strategy

Here is what happened after we took over in March 2015;

  • Combined two sites into one using the company website as the main domain and redesigning the website into WordPress
  • We redesigned the website to be mobile-friendly; this is part of the new requirement for the April 21st mobile-friendly update
  • Redirected all traffic from the old e-commerce site to the new website
  • Start with SEO campaign to drive more organic traffic
  • Implemented google analytics ecommerce to track where the sales were coming from
  • Implemented social media strategies
  • Implemented live chat system
  • Implemented email marketing strategy


Niche E-Commerce Project 2: Traffic progress

niche ecommerce project 1

As you can see, from March to July, we drove a total of 56k visitors to the new e-commerce site. The pageviews are because there are over 100 products on the store, so I guess people are browsing the products page by page.

niche ecommerce project 2

What is more interesting about this site is that social media drove 73% of the overall traffic and search traffic is only 10% which is very different from project one. You will be surprised later which traffic source gave the highest conversion.

This site had a list of at least 1000 people when we took over, we managed to increase that to 1700. I am not surprised that the direct traffic is at 15%.

The Niche E-Commerce Project 2: Sales Revenues

E-Commerce Authority Site Project 2 Income Progress 2015


niche ecommerce project 3

As you can see from the Google analytics, the highest conversion traffic source is the organic search at 1.61% and second highest is from the email list, 0.6%, which is a little surprising. I thought always that with more traffic, there will be more sales. So at least now I will know where to optimize the traffic and get the best conversion.

The Goal and Plans Moving Forward

The goal for the next 3 months was to increase more keywords in terms of SEO. Another thing I wish to touch on is the email funnel; by setting up a better email funnel, we can optimize further in terms of traffic and conversion.

I will be continuing to push this project till the end of the year to see if there is any improvement and also to judge the time spent on this project and whether it’s worth the effort.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions below. Today was just a quick introduction to our project; so if you have anything specific that you would like me to address in a future post, please let me know in the comments.