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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – September 2014

Monthly Income Report

This is the 5th income report on my blog. You can check out last month’s 4th income report here. This monthly report will show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities that I have carried out for the previous month.

Aside from helping me to track my progress, I also hope you can learn something from my experiences that you may find useful for your blog sites and businesses.

Activities Accomplished in September


In September, my team and I decided to change the E-Alchemists branding into digital marketing consultancy instead of just focusing on web development company. We make the decision after 3 months of discussion and doing the SWOT Analysis. The reason of re-branding is because we are not cheap freelance designer, SEO, social media company anymore.

This will also fit in Alchemists 4.0 which will be started on 2015. Another great news is that a new partner had joined Alchemist Team as a SEO alchemist. This finally ended my searching for a sales and SEO person to join the team. I will not focus more sales and development for E-Alchemist which will greatly offload loads of stuff.

Monthly Income and Growth Authority Site :

In September I only managed to publish 3 blog posts on this blog.

Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – August 2014

Niche Sites Mastermind Income Report Roundup – July

Niche Sites Mastermind Income Report Roundup – August

Starting from October, I will be doing something different for this blog. I had enrolled this blog to Andrew Wee Mindware Recode coaching. I plan to use this blog as part of the project.

Let us now take a look at the blog traffic.


Traffic dropped by 29% but the pageviews and avg session duration increased, which means a good sign because people ACTUALLY read this blog. The bounce rate also decreased by 6% which is another good sign that people read more. However, new sessions only increased by 7% which means not a good sign.



Josephho2-OctSearch traffic and referral are the 2 main sources of traffic for this month. This is because I posted more on other internet marketing forum.

No income had been made yet from this site.

Monthly Income and Growth Authority Site :

Last month we almost broke the 5k visitors per day record using “list” kind of content. However in September my team and I actually came out the “Top 2” list kind of content. Unfortunately the post did not went viral like “Top 4” kind of content. Now we know that “Top 2” kind of content doesn’t attract people very much. According to buzzsumo, Top 4 Best Kway Chap was the most shared content on Facebook. My team and I will test more “list” kind of content in October.



In September, traffic dropped around 26% instead of growing 26% every month. However, the average session increased by 11% which is a good sign that people read more on Search traffic is still the top traffic source in September.


‘Ieatandeat’ Giveaway Platform

In September we actually tested by using our giveaway platform for the first time. Here is how the giveaway platform works:

STEP 1 – We setup your giveaways in less than 60 seconds.

STEP 2 – We promote your giveaways through our email marketing, social media, and advertisement on our homepage.

STEP 3 – Visitors share your contest like crazy and you get a ton of BUZZ.

Our audience will visit the giveaway page here (DEMO)

Then user have to answer a simple question like this :


Next, user will enter their email address to claim the giveaway.

After entering the email address, the link will be directed to a page where they can share their unique URL to increase their chance of winning the contest.


Then look at the dashboard! We can see who is sharing URL the most.

ieat8-Oct ieat9-Oct

We will then determine the winners based on the number of entries they shared the URL. In the first test, there are 54 people entering the contest. Also, in total we collected 51 new email addresses into our list. At least I can manage my team to maintain the list growth in September.


In September, earned a total of $199.52 (income dropped by 39%).

Monthly Income and Growth Authority Site :

I will not update about My team and I decided to combine TheChefStory into ieatandeat. We feel that it makes no sense to manage 2 food sites by considering the cost and the time. Therefore we decided to make them into one big site instead of managing 2 sites.

Starting from October, I will be migrating the contents slowly to The direction is to create another category on ieatandeat for recipes from TheChefStory, which will make sense and also drive extra traffic into

Monthly Income and Growth Authority Site : ECommerce Site:  Flower Niche (JV site)



We didn’t do too much promotion on this. However this site is still able to generate sales of $650.




Traffic still continues to grow at about 10% per month. In October we will be revamping the site and starting our social media promotion. Let’s see how the performance of this site is.

Monthly Income Report & Expenses

Total income in September : $297.02

Web Hosting Expenses : $66 (I used VPS hosting)
Max CDN : $27 (I used this service to boost my website speed up to 80%)

Net profit : $204.02

Your Thoughts

This concludes my 5th income report and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.  Do tell me what you think about the traffic and earnings from my three sites. I look forward to receiving your comments & insights, and if possible, having a discussion with you.