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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – November 2014

Monthly Income Report

This is the 7th income report on my blog. You can check out last month’s 6th income report here.
This monthly report will show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities that I have carried out for the previous month.

What have I done in November?

My family went through a major change in our life. My daughter went to a full-day childcare and we don’t have nanny support anymore. It was actually because of the high cost living, as all household expenses are high. As you know that I live in Singapore, one of the most expensive city in the world.

Since then I had to rush home everyday just to pick her up, which made me a little bit stressful because I worried I might miss the school bus timing. My wife also changed her working time from 6am to 3.30pm. However, it didn’t work very well for us because she always got more and more jobs and she seldom went home at 3.30pm sharp.

Hence, we decided that I will go to work at 6.15am and finish my work at 4pm, so that I could pick my girl up. My wife will send my girl to school in the morning. Let’s see how this works out in December. Progress
I enrolled this blog into Mindware recode program. Andrew, the creator of this program suggested me to use his blogging action plan. In November I managed to publish 8 blog posts which means that I publish 2 blog posts per week.

This is the list of my blog posts in November:


Nov - 1

To be honest, this is the first time I managed to publish blog posts consistently twice per week. I almost broke the 1k visitors per month! Damn it! I will try harder to break the record of visitor’s number for next month.

Nov - 2

Social traffic is still the number one traffic source of my blog. As you know that I also promote my blog posts on Facebook. The increasing number of referral traffic maybe because I give comments on other blogs. However, I think this blog is still not loved by Google because the organic search traffic is still very low.

Nov - 3

Nov - 4

The number one content is the Authority Site 100k Visitors In a Month for the month of November. The good news is this blog earned $7.2 from affiliate sales (finally!).

Authority Site – Food Niche Progress

This authority site broke the 100k visitors last month. However, in November I couldn’t maintain the traffic number to be as high as last month. I didn’t manage to come up with a new “list post”. But I still managed to re-post old contents on social media. Therefore, I still gained some traffic from viral posts. To be honest, I can say that it is very tough to maintain a big authority site like this.


I didn’t do much on this blog but I consistently added new contents. I also tried out a new blog post format by making the content short (around 300 words), instead of the usual 500 words.

Nov ieat - 1 Nov ieat - 2We didn’t succeed to achieve the 100k visitors like the last month (October). Social is the number one traffic source for November; it’s because I re-posted 2 “list post” on Facebook and those two viral posts gave me some traffic number. Google is the second best traffic source due to the contribution of SEO work on this authority site.

Nov ieat - 3

I added new Ads (Nuffang Ads) source this month. It will take time for investors to advertise on my blog. Let’s see how it goes in December.

‘eCommerce Flower’ Authority Site

Nov - jv1

The traffic was not really fantastic in November. However, I saw a good improvement which is the increasing of new sessions by 15% in November. One reason I think about is because this is a local niche eCommerce and it could be due to the holiday season.

Nov - jv3

Most of the traffic source came from the search engines. Actually I use this site to do my switchbox SEO experiment. Because I saw a strong growth of the referral traffic for the past few months, I might want to increase more on referral traffic and also together with social media in December.

Nov - jv2

Even though the traffic didn’t increase in November, we actually got more sales. In total we got $1839 from the revenue of the eCommerce site, which is the highest record I’ve ever achieved!

Nov - JV 4

Offline Business Progress

I separate the earning of offline business E-Alchemists from the online earning. We actually broke the 50k revenue goal for this year in November. Our sales was quite bad in 2013, but my team and I could make an amazing comeback this year.

Monthly Income Report & Expenses

Total income in November : $609.53

Web Hosting Expenses : $66 (I used VPS hosting)

MaxCDN : $27 monthly (I used this service to boost my website speed up to 80%)

Net profit : $516.53

Signing off

This concludes my 7th income report in November. I would love to hear your thoughts about it. It’s already December now and I try to slow down my business so that I can spend quality time with my family. What’s your plan for this holiday?

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