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May 2015 Income report

Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – May 2015

May 2015 Income report

This is the 12th income report from my Online Journey. (Read last month’s income report here.)

Every month, I will publish a report like this to show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities I have carried out in order to hit my 2015 Goal.

What is going on?

This year, May is a special month for me because it is my wife’s birthday and our 5th year wedding anniversary. We went for a simple dinner to celebrate. As you get older, you tend to shy away from big celebrations. My wife has been very supportive in what I do in my online journey even though I still have not quit my job yet. But things are in a much better shape now as you can see from the past income report.

I also managed to finish 2 kindle books in May.

alibaba world

I am currently running JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 1 and I have developed more of an interest in e-commerce business. For a while now, I have been interested in how Alibaba runs their business and to discover how they became one of the largest e-commerce store in Asia. This led me to read Alibaba World, which has really opened my eyes to the current success of Alibaba.

marissa mayer and the fight to save yahoo


The second book I read was Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! which is particularly good for those of you with an interest in the search engine business. It discusses the history of search engines and how Yahoo almost became the world’s most powerful internet company. Did you know that Yahoo almost acquired Google and Facebook? Imagine if during that time they had acquired both companies; they would be the most powerful internet company now.

Anyway, here is my income report for May 2015

May Income Report Progress

Affiliate Income

Amaterasu private blog network – $0
Gard Pro – $0 (my review)
SEO Traffic Hack -$0
Simple Share Buttons – $0.00 (Review is here)
Traffic Planet Hosting – $0.00
SerpBook – $0.00

Websites Income

JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 1 – Revenue $5706.50; Profit $788 (after removing the cost and Paypal transaction fees, I receive 15% online net profit)

JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 2 – Revenue $1517.29; Profit $227 (after removing the cost and Paypal transaction fees, I receive 15% online net profit)

Authority Site – Adsense $169.46

Total March Income – $1184.46

March Expenses

Traffic Planet Hosting Professional $25

March Net Profit $1159.46

Signing off…

Both JV E-Commerce sites started to show their potential for the amount of passive income. To be honest, I didn’t do much for the month of May that involved a simple promotion for a Mother’s Day campaign for both JV E-Commerce sites project.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback, so please leave any thoughts or questions that you might have in the comments section below. Thanks!