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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – June 2014

Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – June  2014

This is the 2nd income report on my blog. You can check out last month’s 1st income report here. I’m going to publish a post like this one every month, to show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities that I have carried out for the previous months.

Aside from helping me track my progress, I hope to also teach you things from my experiences that you may find useful for your blog site and business.

Activities Accomplished in June.

I completed national service in the first week of June. Didn’t get much done for the week because I was in camp without my laptop, and the 4G connection in camp was not so good too. Here’s a photo of me going to outfield training !


After returning from the 2-week in-camp training, my daughter suffered from bronchitis and had to stay at home to recover for a week. Initially, we wanted to send her back to the child care centre, but the centre was also seeing more cases of Hand Foot Mouth disease, we decided to stay home with her instead. 🙁

Finally in the 2nd week of june, everything went back to normal and her smile is back.


I also took the chance to rest and recover, because I had been so stressed out during the past few months and didn’t manage to accomplish much.

Thereafter, I recorded my first tutorial video ” How to use the 301 Redirects ” using my home studio. I received a lot positive feedback from the readers of this blog that I should be making more of these tutorial videos.


I also did some planning on the direction of this blog, E-Alchemists Business and niche sites for the next 6 months and it’s going to be really exciting!

I was also invited to the Internet Marketing Rooftop Networking Party June 2014 organized by Alvin Huang, the owner of Success Vantage and one of Singapore’s top internet marketers. Collectively there was well over 8 figures worth of businesses represented at this meet up. It was a mind blowing experience for me to meet those experts and l learnt a lot from them by networking. I can’t wait for the next meet up.


Niche site :

For the month of June i published 3 blog posts on this blog.

There was an increasing amount of traffic to 239 visitors, I was testing if I could retrieve this blog without relying on google search traffic. Apparently, this blog had been penalized by Google 2 years ago, but I decided to retrieve it.


Authority Site #1:

I started a niche site while reading up on Niche Site duel 2.0 last year. This site eventually became an authority site as it grew so big that it can no longer be called a niche site. You can read more about this authority site experiment.


I have also decided to reveal the URL since so many people already know about it. This June we did not achieve the 30% growth of traffic for every month – we only managed 7.33%. Part of the explanation that I can think of is probably due to the June school holidays in Singapore, when many Singaporeans go overseas for their vacations. As this blog’s target audience is mostly from Singapore, this could be one of the reasons why we didn’t achieve the 30% growth each month.


However we managed to increase the adsense earning by 14% with the following optimization:


On each blog post, the blog content header for desktop view has been changed to image & text links.


The middle content has also been changed from text links to image & text links.


Last month, most of the earnings came from the sidebar before we did the optimization. However, after changing the desktop view ads we managed to increase the clicks from the blog post content instead of the sidebar now. And as these are all just coming from the desktop view, for this month I will now shift the focus to mobile adsense optimization instead.

We also submitted our site to Singapore Blog Award under best food blog category. My team is really excited about this campaign and feel that we have a high chance of winning !

Authority Site #2:

This site was the new addition to our portfolio. We acquired this site since April, and had been working on the ebook itself. Nothing much was done in June as we only managed to post 1 piece of content for this month. However, the traffic is quite stable for now and the adsense earning is $0.37 for this month.





The traffic dropped by 13%, and the  traffic from search engines is 76%, compared to last month’s 63.7%. I will work on this site for July to add more value to it.

ECommerce Site:  Flower Niche (JV site)

This is an experimental site between my team partner and a local company. We get a 15% commission for every sale made online.


We didn’t quite make it this month, as most of the traffic came from search engines. Part of the result for the traffic drop could be because of the Singapore June holidays too. At least I know now that the holiday season has an effect on the traffic to my niche sites.

Monthly Income & Expenses

Total June income : $175.40 (down by -$31.60)

Web Hosting Expenses : $66 ( I am using VPS hosting )

Net profit : $109.40

Your Thoughts

This concludes my second income report and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.  Do tell me what you think about the traffic and earnings for my three sites. I will look forward to your comments, insights and if possible, have a discussion with you.