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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – July 2015

This is the 14th income report from my Online Journey. (Read last month’s income report here.)

Every month, I will publish a report like this to show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities I have carried out in order to hit my 2015 Goal.

What Is Going On?

Monthly income report - July 1

I was been invited to speak at the Singapore Internet Marketer Facebook group event. It is one of the biggest online communities of internet marketers in Singapore. The topic was ‘Your Next Internet Marketing Career’. The objective was to share my personal stories about how I got started, challenges I faced, my breakthrough and my SEO/IM journey. Each speaker had only 30 minutes to talk about their journey.

It took me nearly 3 weeks to prepare my 21 slides to share my SEO/IM journey. Part of the reason for investing this time was because I haven’t spoken in public for nearly 2 years. Another reason was that 90% of my audience do not know about search engine optimization. So I prepared my speech in such a way as not to be too technical for them.

My presentation went well and I also made lots of new friend after the event. I actually did a recording of my presentation and if you would like to watch it, click here to access now.

Monthly income report - July 2

During the middle of july, I also went to National Achievers Congress 2015 event. It was a good learning experience to learn from other people and also meet a lot of new friends.

I have also finished reading DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online and I had stayed pretty much on track for reading one book per month.

July Income Report – Website Update

Authority Site – Income Progress 2015

Monthly income report - July 3

Monthly income report - July 4

61% of the traffic still comes from organic searches and our social media traffic are improving to now be the second highest traffic source we see.

For the month of July, I actually launched a new ebook together with a sponsorship for this site. I learned of this sponsorship method from KC Tan during the Singapore Internet Marketer Facebook group event.

Basically, what I do is create an ebook and ask all the people that had previously invited me for food tastings to sponsor this ebook. In return, I inserted their logo on to 3rd page and last page of my ebook depending on which advertising package they bought. You can take a look at one of the examples that I had setup here. From there, I will send this ebook to all the people on my list which is around 2,230.

At first, I was just testing this method and to my surprise, two people bought the Gold package, which give me an instant $600 for the 45mins effort it took to create the ebook.

With that ebook, I will also start to create my food blog email funnel.

Monthly income report - July 5

This is a very simple funnel; for those who had invited us, we will send them email about our site immediately and then 3 days later, send them our advertising page. For readers, the objective is to send them an email and drive them back to our site for an adsense click. I am happy that this site earned a total of $961.41 and it has started to show some potential to cross the 4 figure per month mark.

I am not giving up on this authority site. I had some idea on how to optimize the adsense monetization on this site. However, I need time to test and tweak the site. We also received notice that we did not win the Singapore Blog Award 2015; for the last 2 years we have been in the top 10 finalist list, but this time we did not win.

August Action Plan

  • Tweak adsense click through rate

JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 1 Income Progress 2015

Monthly income report - July 6

This is my first JV E-commerce site, showing all the revenue generated by online sales through ecommerce where I take 15% profit from the total net revenue.

Monthly income report - July 7

The e-commerce tracking in Google analytics is working, however I am not sure why the tracking is not accurate and am still troubleshooting this. Now I know that referral sites give the best conversion at 3%. With a further check on the referral sites I noticed only one site that is related to the niche is generating all the revenue at conversion rate is 9% !

Monthly income report - July 8

This month my team had posted 3 blog post and July traffic was one of the lowest, although it still generated $2029.80, which I think is not bad. I am still trying to figure out the best way to improve the site traffic and revenue. The disadvantage of this ecommerce site is that it is only targeting a local niche market which I believe is quite small.

August Action Plan

  • Improve site traffic through social media

JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 1 Income Progress 2015

Monthly income report - July 9

For this site, it is almost the same as project 1, except that the 15% profit sharing of overall sales which includes online and offline will only be shared in December. However, I did not have the data for offline sales, and for reporting purposes, I will just include the 15% profit for online sales first.

For the month of July, we forecasted the sales target was $4000 and not only did we hit the target but it is also one of the highest month so far.

Monthly income report - July 10

My team and I also increased the mailing list size for the month of July, which contributed to the increase of revenue. This included digging out offline sales records and adding each email address to the autoresponder.

After the livechat solution was implemented, we asked our Joint venture partner to have someone login to the cloud livechat software from 9am to 5pm. To my surprise, we had about 3 to 5 chat sessions per week and out of 5 chat sessions we converted 1 session.

The objective of the livechat session was to provide better a customer experience and also provide instant answers to the user. I learned about this from the Alibaba World kindle book which contributed a lot to the success of Taobao, China’s biggest B2C ecommerce site. This is one approach that our competitor is not doing; they ran a livechat but no one was providing support during office hours and most of the time it was offline.

August Action Plan

  • August promotion
  • August giveaway to increase mailing list

July Income Report Progress

JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 1 – $304.47
JV E-Commerce Authority Site Project 2 –$737.12
Authority Site                                               –$961.41


Traffic Planet Hosting                                  – $25

Net Profit                                                       – $1978

Signing off

This is the highest month I have achieved and as always, I would love to hear your feedback, so please leave any thoughts or questions that you might have in the comments section below. Thanks