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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – July 2014

Monthly Income Report

This is the 3rd income report on my blog. You can check out last month’s 2nd income report here. This monthly report will show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities that I have carried out for the previous months.

Aside from helping me track my progress, I hope to also teach you things from my experiences that you may find useful for your blog site and business.

Activities Accomplished in July

July was my birthday, and I had a good time celebrating with a bunch of good friends around me.

July birthday

My wife and a few good buddies planned a surprise dinner for me, and I was very touched and happy to celebrate with them.

Besides that, I had also introduced Bi Weekly meetings with my Alchemist team using Joinme, an online meeting tool with VOIP. Initially we met up physically once per month and sometimes once every 2 months.

However due to everyone’s work constraints, and that my evenings were reserved for taking care of my baby girl, I decided to use an online meeting tool to collaborate with my team.

I feel that as a business we should meet up and talk more often especially when you have a team of partners! I started this in early July and it has been exactly one month since I started using it – the voice is very clear, the screen sharing is easy to use and sharing among us was quite fast.

Since we started using it, I feel that Team Alchemist has a better sense of collaboration in terms of communication, with everyone understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. Some of the issues cleared faster and productivity went up. I used to hold business meetings at cafes, but I felt that productivity did not go up after those meetings.

We also use google drive for our shared folder and use google docs for our meeting minutes. Another reason why I chose joinme is because of its recording function – it comes with 5GB storage which is good enough for me. I will be publishing a full review on using joinme for my business soon.
Niche Site Mastermind
In July I also started a niche site mastermind, this allows me to stay focused on building my online web properties. With this group I am able to stay focused on building my niche and authority sites. I will be posting more updates on this mastermind group soon.
Niche site :
For the monthly of July i managed to published 3 blog posts on this blog:
As you guys know, this domain was penalized before when the first panda 1.0 update rolled out. Now, I decided to test whether I would be able to drive traffic from another source.
For July, I’m happy with the increase of 192.82% visitors to my blog. In total I drove 612 visitors to this blog. What a huge increase!
My current best blog post is How I Boosted My Website Speed by 80% which received 230 pageviews! Second best post was my income report.
What did I do to increase the traffic? I went to Google+ Niche site Community  to participate in their discussions and also the Facebook group Elite Team, both communities are awesome ! I learnt a lot of tips and tricks and I also made a lot of new connections there.
This blog post How I Boosted My Website Speed by 80% even earned me a guest blog on, which will be published soon on their blog. I am quite happy with the result.
Authority Site #1:
I started a niche site while reading up on Niche Site duel 2.0 last year. This site eventually became an authority site as it grew so big that it can no longer be called a niche site. You can read more about this authority site experiment.
In July i found out why the site was not growing at 30% in terms of traffic, one of the issues we found is that the sitemap was deleted when we changed the web design in March! We managed to increase the growth rate back to 20% for July. We also finally broke the 40k visitors curse per month !


My previous income report mentioned that we submitted our site to Singapore Blog Award, we are among the top 10 finalist under best new blog. The voting had closed and the result will be out 16th August.
This July adsense income also broke the record of $251 an increase of 91% !


What a great month for this authority site !
Authority Site #2:
The only thing we do for this site is just to publish more posts. We added 2 posts in July and now the site traffic is back to the normal 1000 visitors per month. The Adsense earning for this site is also increasing for this July.
julyauthority3 julyauthority4
Compared to the last month, the traffic had increased by 14% ! I am currently involving my wife and baby girl in this site, they will be posting more often when they are cooking! It will be a good family experience.
ECommerce Site:  Flower Niche (JV site)
This is an experimental site between my team partner and a local company. We get a 15% commission for every sale made online.
julyecommerce1 julyecommerce2
I didn’t do much promotion on this side, however it is getting most of its sales from SEO. Compared to June, we made 2 sales with an increasing traffic of 11% !  55% of the traffic still come from Google search. Not bad for a site like this.
Monthly Income Report & Expenses

Total July income : 292.93

Web Hosting Expenses : $66 ( I am using VPS hosting )
MaxCDN : $27 (the service that i use to boost my website speed by 80%)

Net profit : $183.53

Your Thoughts

This concludes my 3rd income report and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.  Do tell me what you think about the traffic and earnings for my three sites. I will look forward to your comments, insights and if possible, have a discussion with you.