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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – December 2014

Wow I can’t believe this is already the 8th income report on my blog! You can check out last month’s income report here.

In my ongoing efforts to show the progress of this blog as well as the results of other activities I have carried out, I will publish monthly report like this.

So what have I done in December?

As we moved closer to the holiday season, I began to slow down my work. I also worked on outstanding projects that needed to be closed for the year of 2014. I began to plan for 2015 and also reviewed the goals and milestones I didn’t manage to accomplish  for the year of 2014.

I also started to revamp my home office setup to incorporate a CCTV at home, as a safety measure now that I have hired a full-time helper. Having a helper at home has seriously freed up a lot of my time, so that I can now focus on my business and spend more time with my family. I used to wake up at 5am to do household chores, which I now think is a bit crazy!

As for my personal life, my family and I went for a short staycation at Conrad Centennial Singapore. It was a good bonding time, truly time well spent with my family.

Conrad Centennial Singapore HotelConrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

staystation cat 3 Progress

For the month of December I managed to publish 7 blog posts on this blog:


josephho1For the month of December traffic to this blog was actually quite slow. I believe part of the reason was because most people went on vacation – and did not spend as much time on the Internet. I had a hard time maintaining the 1k visitors mark. Compared to November, my traffic only increased 1.88%, but I did gain 23% new readers.

The spike that you see was mainly my blog post for my home office setup, which went viral on facebook for 2 days.

Here is the top 10 content for my blog for the month of December:josephho2

Here is my monthly earning for this blog:

josephho3I thank those who bought the products that I recommend from my affiliate links. The good news is that I broke the 1000 visitors mark this month! Cheers!

Authority Site : Food Niche

December was a quiet month for my food niche authority site. I believe most of my authority site readers are on holiday, causing the 33% drop in traffic.

Food niche 1 Food niche 2

56% of the traffic came from search. And without doing any promotion on Facebook, social traffic finally became the 2nd highest traffic source for the authority site even without any promotions. The next traffic source I am building is from the email list. Currently, the authority site has 945 subscribers and I am trying to monetize this list.

Food niche 3

With a lower traffic this month, I actually got more income from adsense which is not what I’d expected. But I still feel good about it, especially with the increase in income for this authority site.

eCommerce Authority Site

This is an experimental site run by my team partner and a local company. We get a 15% commission for every sale made online. For the month of December I added CDN to increase the page loading site of the site.

As this is an ecommerce site, it is very important to have a fast loading website. No user would want to buy something online and have to wait 5 to 10s for it to load on each click. However, I am still having issue enabling CDN on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer encryption). The pages without SSL are loading in 2 seconds while SSL pages load in about 3 to 5 second, which is something I am working on to improve its speed.


Traffic is down by 6% due to the holiday season, this is normal because this is a local site, and is reacting to the holiday period when most people are away overseas.


However we managed to make 10 sales online with an average sales of $39.59 and the total revenue is $1227.30. As for SEO, their ranking is still not so good yet as I am targeting 18 high competitions keywords locally.

Here is the ranking snapshot:

flower3I am currently using the Switchbox SEO technique to rank this site. For the past 2 months the ranking has maintained within top 50. I might want to increase the link velocity and acceleration for this site. Let’s see how it goes for the month of Jan 2015.

Monthly Income Report & Expenses

Total December income : 570.05

Web Hosting Expenses : $66 ( I am using VPS hosting )
MaxCDN : $27 (the service that I use to boost my website speed by 80%)

Net profit : $477.05

This month saw an decrease  of 7% of net profit, which I feel good about, because this is the second month that the income has crossed the $500 mark.

Your Thoughts

This concludes my last income report for the year of 2014 and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.  Do tell me what you think about the traffic and earnings for my three sites. I will look forward to your comments, insights and if possible, have a discussion with you.