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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – April & May 2014

Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – April & May 2014

This is the first income report on my blog. I will publish a post like this one every month to show the progress of this blog and the other activities that I have carried out for the previous months.

Aside from helping me track my progress, I can also teach you the things you need to do and do not need to do on your blog site and business.

Activities Accomplished in April and May

I am still working full time during the day and this april and may i just did an office relocation project. The project required setting up the IT infrastructure. Although it was my first to do this kind of project, it proved to be fun, but I felt exhausted when the project ended. What I mean is the project involved handling a number of persons and vendors. However, the project taught me not to panic when things do not go according to your plan.

office location proiect

office location proiect 2

office location proiect 3

Content Creation For


Being busy did not stop me to do what I wanted to accomplish and was able to publish 7 blog posts on this blog site. The topics are as follows:

Authority Site #1:  Food Niche Update

I started a niche site while reading up Niche site duel 2.0 last year so i decided to do one. The niche site eventually became an authority site. It grew bigger that it can no longer be called a niche site. You can read more about this authority site experiment. This prompted me to take 5 people to maintain the authority site at present. Here is the traffic and the income report for this authority site.

monthly income report 1 monthly income report 2

Search engines are still my top traffic sources, but I am currently focusing on building traffic using other sources. The authority site suffered from 504 gateway timeout and slowed in April and May.

The use of numerous sliders with huge images may have caused the site to load slowly. To solve the issue, we cut down the slider from 3 to 1 and optimized the images to smaller sizes. We also removed the unwanted sections from the site and it is now performing well!

Authority Site #2: Cooking Niche

This site was the new addition to my portfolio. I redesigned the site from April to May using the Genesis framework. (I heard so much about this framework.) I tested the Genesis Framework first before redesigning the site. Genesis Framework has better coding and was designed with SEO in mind.

monthly income report 3 monthly income report 4

Search Engines are still the principal top traffic source for this site, but I am not too worried as using other traffic channels are doing quite well, too. My team has great plans for this authority site and we plan to do it the soonest possible time.

ECommerce Site:  Flower Niche (JV site)

This is an experimental site and my team partner with a local company in launching this eCommerce site. The site was started in February 14, but things did not turn out the way we wanted to. What we did initially is help the company on developing their eCommerce site to drive traffic. We get a 15% commission for every sale made online. This is a novel technique to make a niche site, although I am still testing it. Our relationship with the company was good, though!

monthly income report 5 monthly income report 6

Monthly Income & Expenses

Total April income : $109.16
Web Hosting Expenses : $66 ( i am using VPS hosting )
Net profit : $43.16

Total May income : $207
Web Hosting Expenses : $66 ( i am using VPS hosting )
Net profit : $141

Your Thoughts

As this is my very first income report, I would welcome and would love to hear your thoughts about it.  Do tell me about your thoughts on the traffic and earnings for my three sites. I will look forward to your comments, insights and if possible, have a discussion with you.

  • It is good to know what you are doing. I am sure you will grow from strength to strength. I am rooting for your success.

  • That’s good progress! Keep going! @wkhojoseph:disqus 🙂

  • wkhojoseph

    thank you Sam!

  • wkhojoseph

    @onearth99:disqus i will !

  • JerryLing

    Good to see a lot Singaporeans building niche site as well. I might try one as well. Good start though. Hope for success

  • wkhojoseph

    Thank you @jerryling try it ! Is fun