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Let Go by Pat Flynn

Let Go by Pat Flynn

Let Go by Pat Flynn
  • Let Go by Pat Flynn
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Kindle Book: Pat Flynn
  • Price: $2.99
  • Reviewed by:
  • On April 13, 2014
  • Last modified:March 8, 2015

Review Summary:

In Let Go, you can read about the way Pat Flynn lost his job, the way he started a blog, about his first achievements, the first dollars that he earned and lastly, about the unexpected success.

Book Review: ‘’Let Go’’ – The Inspiring Story by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s life experiences inspired and encouraged many people to bravely face the challenges of life and pursue their dreams. His life is a perfect example of how any person should react in the situations they cannot control, how they should accept the failures and embrace new beginnings.

We live in a world of constant changes and uncertainty, with strong fears about what might happen. From the life of Pat Flynn, everybody can learn that a failure can cause a great deal of anxiety, but with determination and hard work, even the toughest situation can be turned into achievements and successes.

How an Architect Became a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Pat Flynn lives in the Southern California with his wife and two children. He is not a millionaire but he considers himself a truly happy man. He was employed as a Job captain in an architecture company and loved what he did, but due to the economic crisis, he was fired. Even though he really loved his job, it turned out that his losing the job was the best thing that had ever happened to him. After a difficult period that followed his failure, he started working on the Internet, had flexible working hours and started spending more time with his loved ones. His positive view of that bad situation made him aware that he is capable to deal with any situation. And that is exactly what he had done. He became happier and wealthier in the deepest sense of these words.

Sometimes It Is Difficult to – Let Go

In his motivational video, Pat Flynn explains how hard that journey was and why it was difficult for him to become what he wanted to become. His fear of failure and disappointment was strong, leading to self-doubt and contemplation about his abilities. He used the story of elephants, to describe the condition he was in, when he lost his job and faced the awful uncertainty. As he says, when young elephants are trained, they are tied down and even though they try to break free, they cannot. When they grow, they have the ability to break free, but they never do, because they believe that they cannot. This is how he felt throughout his struggles. He doubted, he was afraid, he questioned his abilities but he managed to summon the strength to Let Go. Learning to believe in oneself is the most significant lesson each individual needs to learn to move forward and rise above any challenge in life. When he overcame the fears of being ridiculed and disappointed, his plans and ideas started becoming reality, moreover, the story of success. He became a popular author, sharing his experience with the world.

In Let Go, you can read about the way Pat Flynn lost his job, the way he started a blog, about his first achievements, the first dollars that he earned and lastly, about the unexpected success.

While he was working in an architecture firm as a senior drafter, he intended to get the architecture licence and that is when he was introduced with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – the LEED. As the exam required for the licence was really difficult and Pat lacked motivation to study at that time so he developed a blog to help him keep all the relevant information in one place. He enjoyed developing his WordPress blog more than studying for the licence. Nevertheless, he started studying more seriously and passed the exam in 2008, becoming LEED Accredited Professional. He was then promoted to Job Captain, earning a lot more. On top of that, he got engaged and was really content. That was the year that he was laid off, in spite of his worthiness, studying and hard work.

He was still very interested in computing, took some online course, read some books and discovered that the way to have a successful online business is to have targeted website traffic.

He was amazed when he found out that his blog had many visitors. He put Google Adsense on the site and that is when he earned his first dollar. From that point, his income was growing every day. He did some private advertising and started working on his first ebook, which was a guide for studying for the exam he had passed. His ebooks stared selling and with his Adsense income, he started earning seriously big amounts of money. This is the story of how he gradually became known worldwide. He had ideas that he turned into reality. From a humble blog owner, he became the owner of highly successful online businesses. This journey is described in Let Go, which can be found on Amazon, Snippet, Barnes & Noble.

Today, Pat Flynn is a popular author, has a successful blog and a website There he shares his stories with the readers. He lives a great life with his family and, as he says, considers himself the luckiest person on Earth!

Let Go is recommended for all people who want to learn more about the online business but also for all those individuals who are currently struggling in their lives and need motivation and encouragement. This story could be the push they need to take a leap of faith and change their lives for the better.