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The 2013 year was one full of keynote events, some good and some not so good. I managed to achieve some of the goals that I had set up for my business while others remained underachieved – I am not complaining though. If you are curious about which goals were met and which ones remained in the realm of dreams and visions, this blog post takes you through the 2013 year at E-Alchemists.

I outline the goals i had set, and what i did or did not do to get to where we are today.

2013 Plan
2013 Plan

Web Hosting Business

The E-Alchemist went into hosting with an aim of making at least 16k and amassing the first 100 clients. This was a goal that was to remain in limbo, never achieved and only remains in the 2013 year diary as a blissful remainder of the hopes and aspirations. The blunder was that we signed up with a bad host whose server was constantly down. Come to think of it, there were more downtimes than uptimes with the server. I will reorganize and start again in 2014!

New Business Units

As part of the goals for the year 2013, i planned to launch 1 new business unit this year. We were thinking of the following services, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) pr mobile apps development. I had a great moment as we welcomed Leah Tan to coordinate and manage our newly launched social media business unit. Goal achieved ! Yeah!

The Year 2013 Revenue

We had a goal named 100ks for the year 2013. As part of this goal, we detailed our income generating activities. We also projected the amounts we anticipated to get from the activities and what we would do to accomplish the 100k goal. So, how did we perform in the 100k 2013 year objective?

The outcome was neither too good nor too bad. We were able to generate an income of 32k only, which was slightly less than the 50k we had made in 2012. This is something i set too high and not able to achieve. Due to the limited amount of time i had, i should have the goal lower.


Paid Workshops

We also had aspirations of doing two paid workshops in the 2013 year. Unfortunately, we realized that we didn’t have the time for this and had to strike it out of our 2013 goals and objectives.

Email Marketing

We thought that delving into email marketing would increase our subscriber list. We estimated that we would get 3000 email subscribers by the end of year 2013, but only managed to get a 10th of our estimates. We had also anticipated to get more sales from email conversions. Unfortunately, there were no sales to report.

We had also projected that we would be able to upsell email marketing copywriting services. We also hit a snug here and didn’t perform as well as we expected.

Lessons from the 2013 Year

From the above overview, it is clear that we had more [sic] failures than success. It however reminds me of that saying of yore; if you lose, be mindful to not lose the lesson. Here are a few things that the year 2013 has taught me:

1. Setting Your Goals too high is an Ingredient for Failure: Just look at the goals I had set? Was I sure that I would achieve these? Instead of setting my goals Everest-high in 2014, I will be working with small manageable and achievable objectives.

2. Focusing On One Major Area: When I set up my goals for the 2013 year, I incorporated a lot of things that I needed to do. This found me dangerously trying to multitask.

3. Listing Down all The Things that need to be done: This is one of the oldest lessons in management. Having a list of the things that you need to do helps you to remain focused.

4. Combining My 9-5 Job with my business Is Not Conducive: I think I really need to make a decision on which my side bread is buttered. Should I concentrate on my 9-5 daytime job or go fulltime into freelancing? This is something that I will need to work on.

Let us see how 2014 will turn out to be. Hopefully, I will manage to set and achieve new goals for the year.


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