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How we reached 5000 visitors a day with just one blog post


In my 4th income report I mentioned that my authority site had a sudden increase of traffic for 10 days. On deeper analysis, the actual viral traffic lasted for 10 days and it all started with a blog post.

What kind of blog post? After having looked at our past 12 months traffic, (in this case, 1st August 2013 to 31st July 2014), my team and I noticed that the top 10 blog posts are in the format of a list, with 4 out of these top 10 posts driving almost 9% overall traffic to my authority site for the past 12 months.

(Here’s an example of a blog post in the format of a list, or a ‘listicle’ (list + article): “10 Productivity Apps you must have” followed by content explaining each of the apps, what they’re used for and how to use them, in an easy to read, bulleted format.)

Top list

After making that observation, Team Alchemist started to create more listicles on -and one of the lists we published on 19th August went viral, driving 17000 pageviews in 10 days!

17000 visitors


ieat facebook

A total of 39 likes and 24 shares – part of the reason was also because our Social Media Alchemist (nickname for our social media expert) wrote a very engaging Facebook post which hit an organic post reach of 6776. And knowing that our highest traffic is during the weekend, we also pinned the post on Facebook and waited for google to index the new post within the week.

The photo definitely played a part of the viral traffic too. Images are key – especially when it comes to food, and we noticed how it played a big part in driving traffic to traffic based on instagram analytics.



The image that we used on Facebook got 179 likes on Instagram, from only a pool of 2100 followers. To get 179 likes from 2100 followers is really good !




We almost broke the record of having 5000 visitors in a day (actually only 4919 – so close!) On the server perspective though, to have a sudden surge of traffic coming in, your web server must be able to handle that amount of traffic.

With some foresight, I’d predicted that this would happen one day – so I’d migrated to VPS hosting, And it turned out I was good to be prepared, because during that period of time MAXCDN bandwidth almost hit 50GB  (eating up half of the 100GB plan). Part of the reason why we are using MAXCDN is because they actually help to offload your website’s server bandwidth. Each user will be able to access your content through the MAXCDN servers from other parts of the world.

Ieat only takes up 31GB bandwidth on the VPS hosting during the month of August, however, on closer look at the MAXCDN bandwidth, it is using up 93GB of bandwidth.



list building66 email subscribers were collected during the month August, which is the highest so far. Take note that I’d only started list building on May 14 (BAD MOVE ACTUALLY). As of today, we have collected 223 emails over the past 4 months.

We realized that in this incident, content marketing is not dead, only that we need to analyse what readers are looking for when they visit your site. In this case, analytics is very important because we deduced from the data that list-style blog posts or content interest our readers the most – and we could craft our content to meet their needs accordingly.

Just to give you guys a heads up: a new thing that we are working on is our contest giveaway platform, which we are still currently testing. We had a good run for our first contest and will be continuing to test more on this platform. I will be publishing the results of this soon.

What are your thoughts on this? As always, I am ever interested to hear from you!


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