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SEO Case Study

Today, I wanted to provide an update on what happened after I closed a $12,000 contract using the SoHelpful method.

SoHelpful is a web application that allows your potential clients to schedule a call with you. Your user or client can easily schedule a call with you based on you’re your pre-set available times on your Google calendar, where you set aside a block of time purely for SoHelpful calls.

So in March, one potential client scheduled a call with me using the SoHelpful web application through  my website. We eventually talked for about 30mins and the client engaged my SEO service worth $12,000 a year.

Here is what happened next

So after we had agreed on the Terms & Conditions, I started to look at their website. The client niche was in the women’s clothing category and it was an eCommerce site. This niche was very competitive in the local market that the client is targeting. The designated SEO keywords were “city + main keyword” and “main keyword + city”.

For example:

Dog Training (Main Keyword)

Dog Training Dallas (Main Keyword + City)

Dallas Dog Training (City + Main Keyword)

This is the local search volume:

Keyword 1: 4400

Keyword 2: 1900

Keyword 3: 720

Keyword 4: 480

Keyword 5: 210

What I did:

I performed an on-page optimization by inserting the keyword in the title, description and also optimized keywords within each individual product page. Then, I also created a sitemap using Screaming Frog software because the site was not in WordPress format so I needed to create the sitemap manually. I also added the Google analytics code manually.

Using the sitemap I created, I submitted this to Google Webmaster and then submitted the website url to search console – crawl url. This is to notify googlebot to come and index the website again because I had made some changes, so it will reflect the changes on the Google Index ASAP.

This is a very critical step because it is crucial to always wait for Google to index your website first before you start any SEO campaign.

So, I waited for a few days and finally the Google Index started to reflect the new changes.

Start of SEO Campaign

There is always a myth going around that there is this thing called SEO Sandbox. SEO Sandbox means that any new website or site that just begun SEO will not get any ranking for a period of 60 – 90 days.

This is to prevent any blackhat or spam sites from getting high rankings straightaway when they launch their site or start of their SEO blackhat campaign. But I see that this does not really apply to all websites.

Here is the exact blueprint I used for this case study:

  • Day 1 – Build 20 branded web 2.0 back links direct to the money site.
  • Day 7 – Use heavyweight Private Blog Network like my Universal Network and use exact or partial match anchor text. I used a total of 24 PBN links directly targeted to the money site. The reason why I used direct linking was because those links were DA 20+ and TF 20+ and are considered very heavyweight in terms of backlinks.
  • Day 8 to 14 – 24 PBN links drip feed for 7 days.
  • Day 18 – Some keywords start to go up from 180 to 40.

After 2 months of SEO Campaign

After all the initial link buildings were in place, I left them there without building any more backlinks to the money site. All the keywords are well-maintained an some even shot up to the top 10 after 2 months.

SEO Case Ranking

Wrapping Up

This is just one example of my SEO case studies. A lot of times people tend to think that link building is a very complicated process. To be honest because of my heavyweight Universal Network, I am able to achieve the ranking using the least amount of effort. If you done your keyword research and competition analysis correctly, you should not have any issue ranking any local sites.

I would love to hear your feedback on my case study. If you have any additional comments or questions, let me know!


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