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My Goals for 2015

my goal in 2015

I will make my 2015 goals public so that this blog post will keep me accountable and focused in order to achieve my 2015 goals.

Personal Goals for 2015

1. One business book per month – I will need to find a way to motivate myself to read one business book per month. Starting from 2015, I will report my progress in a monthly income report to keep myself accountable.

2. One overseas family trip – I failed to do this in 2014 because of many reasons (or perhaps excuses!). I will definitely plan this overseas family trip in 2015.

3. Financial Tracking – I will start to capture all my personal financial data so that I can better know where to cut cost, by visualizing my expenditure to see where I can save. This will ensure that I can stay on track with my finances.

4. Time Tracking – I will start to keep track of how I spend my time. This is important for me because 2015 is a very critical year; I will need to know where my time is being spent.

5. One online course per month – as an internet marketer, it is very important for me to keep improving myself and my skills. I’ve decided to do one online course per month and will publish this progress in my monthly income report progress as well.

Business Goals for 2015


E-Alchemists – For 2015, I’ve decided to push the revenue goal to 80k. Since we have already broken the 50k barrier, I believe my team and I will be able to hit the target 80k for 2015. Another goal is to better categorize business expenses to ensure that we don’t over spend and also to keep within our budget.

Another goal is to increase the number of email subscribers to 1000 (currently it’s 300). I will also be publishing 4 blog posts per month on

Authority Site – For 2015, I will be mainly pushing the ieat platform to offline businesses. I will start monetizing the site better, other than using adsense as the main revenue model. I’d like to get the first 10k income from the authority site by marketing the ieat advertising platform to offline businesses.

Another goal for this authority site is to increase the subscriber to 2500 (current 900) and publish another 200 blog posts (to a total of 600).

JV Sites – This is an experimental business model between my team and a local company. We get a 15% commission for every sale made online while managing all their online campaigns. We are currently managing one JV site and we will be adding one more JV site for the year 2015. This will contribute to part of the 80k revenue target for E-Alchemists.

Software as a service site – I am actually still developing this SAAS site and will be launching in 2015. This business is actually in a very NICHE market and is still untapped. I would like to get 50 paying customers for this service.

This Blog – I will continue to share my insights, strategies and also document down my experiences throughout my online journey. I’d like to build my subscribers to 500 and publish at least 4 blog posts per month. The monetization plan for this blog is through affiliate marketing and I would like to connect with other entrepreneurs as well.

Networking – I will make a commitment to meet up and network with other entrepreneurs, and for 2015 I will make an effort to treat 1 entrepreneur to lunch each month, just to get to know them better and to form connections. I’d also like to attend at least 8 networking sessions in 2015.


I look forward to sharing my journey here on this blog and will continue to establish relationships with others in similar situations.

Don’t hesitate to comment and share with me your plan for 2015!



  1. Hey Fabio, Thank you for dropping by. Yes I had define the price and now still doing the development of the software.

  2. Cool, I never built a site that generate more than $50/mo. So my goal to 2015 in this Site is reach $4k/mo until december. I’m working w/ 2 guys (1 for development and 1 for social midia).
    I’m the business man, Who decide the ideas and reach the clients.
    Good luck, Joseph!


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