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goal setting
Have you set your goal?

The year 2014 is going to be an exciting for me mainly because I have set a number of goals for myself and for my Internet business. The past year 2013 have been quite challenging and I am looking forward to a truly fruitful 2014. I believe that the only way to reach one’s goals is to use the SMART method. Goals have to be:

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A — Achievable
R — Relevant
T- Time-bound

For my 2014 Goal I have decided to use this method to make sure that I actually achieve each one of them. These are my goals and how I am going to achieve them:

Personal Development Goal

1. One business book & 1 Magazine per month: I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing what I know about the joys of running your own business. I was an employee for a good number of years and although I did learn a lot during those years, the rewards of having your own business is extremely fulfilling.

This is why I plan to work on one business book per month that covers different business topics aimed at helping others become the entrepreneurs that they have always wanted to become.

2. Family Trip : I hope this year we will be able to arrange one family trip together with my parents and sister. We had been talking about this for many years and i believe is time we look into it!

3. Fitness : My objective for 2014 is to stay health. I will be running minimum at least 5km to 10km every week.

Authority & Niche Websites Goal Setting

4. 10 Niche Sites: For my first niche site, I focused on food. Singaporeans love food therefore I knew that this was the best way for me to get started. This food niche site to my surprised it turn into an Authority site.

This 2014 my goal is to develop 10 more niche sites (Amazon type) which are focused on other niches such as physical items. This also include my blog new direction which focusing on Business, Productivity & Entrepreneurship. Also my Alchemists’s Lab focusing on SEO, Niche & Authority Sites building.

5. 3 More New Authority Sites: My team and I have been working really hard to improve our Authority Sites throughout the year 2013. This year we are looking at adding three more sites to our portfolio, to further increase adsense earnings and to expand our online presence. In addition to these, my goal is also to improve revenue model of the authority sites.

6. Make one of the Authority site earn 500 per month passive income. : For each of my projects my goal is always for them to become a source of passive income. This year my plan is to engage in different activities in my websites that will increase traffic therefore making at least one of the sites earn at least 500 per month as passive income.

E-Alchemists Goal Setting

7. 50k Revenues for Ever since my began, I have experienced so many challenges and so many rewards along the way. I am proud of what it has become and I am even prouder to say that I have a team of skilled and talented individuals who will take the company to new heights.

In 2014, our goal is to reach 50k in revenues for E-Alchemists.

8. To conduct 4 courses this year: I am all about sharing my knowledge and experiences and helping other people through their own journey to freedom. This year my goal is to conduct four courses or seminars wherein I could share my own ideas, thoughts and advice to others who want to become entrepreneurs.

9. Turn into ecommerce: In the year 2014, my will become an ecommerce in itself and it will generate great revenue that will allow us to expand the company and make it grow even bigger. This is to offer web hosting, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization and Web Design & Development online.

Your Thoughts
Overall, I’ve set 9 goals for 2014 that I am going to refer to from time to time publicly here. Will I hit them all? Not sure, but it sure will be fun and educational trying.

Have you set any goals for yourself? If not, I really think you should! I’d love to hear the goals you’ve set below, or you comments and questions in regards to mine.


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