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How I Got Started with Giveaway

I’ve been testing the Giveaway strategy on my authority site after reading this post from smart passive income. Before I started building my list for my authority site, I just got less than 100 opts every month.

Since September 14th, I’ve started to test the Giveaway by using Kingsumo WordPress plugin. I ran 4 Giveaways on my authority site. I will show you the result on the picture below.

giveaway experiment kingsumoHere are the Test Setup for the Giveaway

When a user enter the Giveaway, they will automatically gain 1 entry to win the Giveaway. If the user promotes the Giveaway on his/her social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn), they will gain 3 more entries for each sharing posted on social media accounts.

  • Test 1 – with $20 Facebook Ads and prize money $10
  • Test 2 – with $20 Facebook Ads and prize money $10
  • Test 3 – only with prize money $10 without any Facebook Ads
  • Test 4 – with $20 Facebook Ads and prize money $15

Test 1 and Test 2 have almost the same results. I used Facebook Ads on both Giveaways to drive traffic to the Giveaway page. Both Test 1 and Test 2 went viral but they didn’t actually crash my server. The only strategy I’ve tested that successfully crashed my web server is the list post strategy.

For Test 3, I published the Giveaway and then I just drove traffic from Facebook posting and my existing email list to inform them about the Giveaway. The result was terrible; and it was not what I expected, I only got 28 emails for Test 3.

For Test 4, I managed to negotiate with a higher prize money ($15 rather than $10) and then ran a $20 Facebook Ads by using boost post function on Facebook. The result was better than the previous result of Test 3. Even, one of the reader was very active in prompting the Giveaway; he had 31 entries in total!

giveaway experiment kingsumoTotal email collected from the 4 Giveaways was 266. After importing them to mailchimp and removing the duplicate ones, I got only 230 emails.

I feel that my Giveaway prize money was not big enough. I might want to test again by increasing the value of prize money. However, sometimes if we have too big prize money and we promote it on social media, people may think that it can be a scam.

This problem is something I need to work on and test before I have the final answer.

Signing Off

Basically I will do more testings on Giveaway. This strategy allows me to increase my email list on my authority site faster than other strategies. However, my testings I’ve done here are only based on locally because the readers of my authority site are mostly from local.

This is my experience with Giveaway testing. How about you? Have you tested any Giveaway on your site? How is the result? What is the traffic strategy you will use if you are running Giveaway? You are always welcome to share anything with me and leave comments on my blog.


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