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Rat Race
Rat Race

Life As A Rat Race

Life is complicated and most of go through our life putting our head down and struggling to get ahead. And this process starts early in life.

Think about it

When you were born, your parents had dreams for you. They sent you to the best schools and the best colleges just so that you can have a winning change against so many other talented children in the world. Yes, you might be smarter and you do get into a really good school and college and you win accolades for your studies and you eventually become a highly trained professional. You actually get into a profession you like and become a doctor, engineer, or a lawyer and you are easily making good money. Then you get married, have children, meet other couples, socialize, spend money and generally have a great life with beautiful children.

Then you have another child and you need a bigger house and you expand your business, have more employees and to maintain this family and business; you have to earn more. You have to pay children’s fee, your housing costs, the mortgage, your employees, your personal expenses, credit card bills and the list is endless. When your children become five years of age, you have to start collecting for his or her college fund.

However, have you ever sat back and wondered where you are going? Yes, you’ve been running to become successful ever since the day you were born and you’ve managed to get ahead and even become highly successful and comfortable but in the end, what about your retirement?

Have you managed to save up enough for your retirement and isn’t this a tremendous concern for you as you reach the golden years of your life? You spent your life working for your company. Then spent more of your life working for your government paying taxes and then spent the rest of your life working for the bank paying off your mortgage and credit cards.

It’s not right but the fact is that you’ve spent most of your life rushing to keep up with everything that is not important.

You cannot blame anyone for this, as this is what we do. Our parents taught us that good grades, getting a good job, being married with a family, was the pinnacle of a good life, and we just followed those expectations. But it should not be so as what we are doing is just fulfilling the expectations of a established mindset.

What can you do to get out of this mindless rat race?

Getting out the rat race of life is not easy. You’ve been taught to keep running but the first thing to do is sit back and make your own dream. You are now in the digital world and everything is easier to do. If you want to study more or travel more, you can do that as well. The fact is that you have to let go of your fear, complacency and expectations and reach out to something that you always wanted to do and which could make you much happier than you are at present.

Make a different to your life by searching for something different. Life does push you around and makes you bend to its situations but you don’t have to do that. Push back, adapt and generally try to be happy but be unique. If you are working as a doctor, reach out and work at orphanages or volunteer your time for the sick and aged and you will feel the difference.

Start by being smart about money. As children and students, we are not taught how to be smart about money. We learn about investing and saving pretty late in life and its time to focus on this early. Instead of struggling with a mortgage, credit card bills and expenses, try to cut down on unnecessary expenses and invest only in things that are necessary for your life.

Does this advice sound too extreme?

No its not; take the example of a person who has worked his entire life. Given up everything to live a safe life by not doing anything extreme. He did not make an impression anywhere and his friends remember him as being safe, dependant and reliable. In the end, you die a boring old man who never made an impression on any life or event in the world. You let the world push your around and you bent to the pushing resulting in a boring set life. Deep inside, you already know that you did not make any difference to anyone as you played it safe and reliable.

Should you avoid doing that? Go an extreme way and do the exact opposite?

No, you do need a paycheck and you have to work to support your family. The pattern of getting up, going to work, making the monthly bills and running your life will be there. It is the eternal rat race but you can make your life different by being better than your situation.

1. Follow your passion by working part-time. Make time for your passion and you will feel better.

2. Learn as much as possible about a new thing. For example, if you are interested in internet marketing, learn as much as possible about it. Learning new things can really freshen up your mind, body and your attitude towards life.

3. Be proactive and get active. You are probably thinking of a new career but no one will hire a newbie. So why not volunteer or apprentice with a firm that will teach you the ropes. Not only as you learning but you are enjoying yourself as well.

These few tips are not enough to get you out of the rat race but they should give you an idea to improve your life. What we are saying is simple, get out of the rat race and generally make your life fun, fulfilling and enjoyable.


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