GARD Pro Review

Here is another cleverly designed WordPress plugin – GARD Pro, which stands for Google AdSense for Responsive Design, a plugin intended for all AdSense users. It received great reviews from the users, for both plugin quality and customer service. The setup is very easy and can be completed quickly. After installation of the software, you need to fill in your publishers ID, and it is ready for use. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users as GARD Pro plugin comes with two modes.

Gard Pro

The basic mode has easy setup, enabling ads to appear on websites, but the user would not be able to track the performance of the ads. However, this mode provides different settings, such as size settings, choosing different colours, choosing the text or image and allows the user to see the preview.

The advanced mode enables improved ad tracking and offers styles that are more flexible. This mode provides additional features such as removing yellow background, the use of custom search engine and filtering. You would be able to see what ads convert better, have better ranking and get more clicks.

GARD Pro comes with some great features, which enable content adjustment, creating ad groups, choosing the ad placement, filtering option, creating custom shortcodes. Furthermore, it provides auto insert option and the magic tool.

GARD Pro Plugin Features

Gard Pro

Resizing option
Gard Pro is a responsive AdSense, which means that ads can be resized to fit the screen. It doesn’t matter what the size of the screen is, the ad will fit. What this plugin offers to users is that they can always have advertising on their websites. GARD Pro works on all devices and whatever way the visitors choose to access your site, this plugin will enable the AdSense ad of the right size.

Five Ad Groups
GARD Pro enables you to create different ad groups, and have groups specific to skyscrapers, banners, link units. You can define each of these groups in the settings, moreover, you would be able to choose the position of ads. You can place ads wherever you want. Users are able to choose different groups for different areas of the content. There is also the choice of styling, different colours and placement of ads, the number of link units for display. Moreover, the custom search box is also included. Users can customise groups of ads and choose where they want them to appear. Users are able to set different ad groups and then clone these using different styles.

Five Ad Widgets
GARD Pro comes with 5 ad widgets, one for each custom group. Therefore, you would be able to have a widget for responsive link units, a widget for responsive squares, one for responsive skyscrapers, one for responsive rectangles and one widget for responsive banners.

Custom Shortcode
Shortcodes can be inserted anywhere in your WordPress site and these can be used to avoid repeating the same HTML or CSS codes. This feature of WordPress enables you to define a custom shortcode for inserting each group into the content.

Filtering enables you to hide certain ads by making specific settings. It works by blocking certain ads that you choose not to show. You can prevent particular user from seeing your ads, by putting their IP address or referring website into the settings.

Auto Insert
Auto insert option of this plugin allows the user to put AdSense ads into specified content types. It enables the choice of content types. Each group of ads can be set to appear in the position that you choose. You would be able to place ads in a fixed position or randomly, according to your choice.

Magic Tool
You can use this feature in the advanced mode that allows tracking of your ads. After creating ads, you will get AdSense code, which you need to paste to the box. It will automatically give you information, such as publisher ID, ad slug and ad size. By clicking insert button, the information will appear in the right spot on the setting page. This feature allows simpler and improved functionality.

Gard Pro Pricing

GARD Pro is available for purchase at the following prices:

  • For a single site: $ 24.95
  • Up to 5 Sites: $ 74.95
  • Up to 10 Sites: $ 149.95

If the buyer is not satisfied with GARD Pro for any reason, they guarantee to return the money within the first 60 days from the date of purchase. Moreover, whenever there is an update for the GARD Pro, the user would be able to easily update the plugin for free.

Overall, what GARD Pro has to offer to the owners of WordPress sites are numerous features that will improve their advertising and provide greater control over ad placement, style and size. Moreover, by using the shortcode, this plugin enables the users to easily place ads into the content of their websites. The plugin is proven to be great by many satisfied users and is recommended for purchase.