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E-Alchemists 1st Anniversary

How E-Alchemists Was Born


In 2008, I did not achieve success in my first business and I experienced a failure in my life (I would like to thank those who know what I had gone through, for their encouragement). It was such a failure that I almost fell into depression. I was 24 years old at that time and had no direction in life. I had no income for months with very little left on my bank account. It was tough to go back to work with a negative cash flow. I was completely lost, with no direction and had nobody to give me some advice, to tell me what to do and how to overcome this difficult period of my life.

Now, after four years, I am back with a positive view on life and keep pursuing my dream. During these 4 years, I failed at four business projects due to various reasons and I decided to start my own business, and in this way, was created. was born on May 12 2011, at the Amara Hotel, with the help of Mr Koon Lip (the Founder of Forex Asia Academy) & Mr Changchun (the Business Development Manager of Forex Asia Academy). At that moment, I was providing freelance SEO services and I decided to be serious about turning my passion for SEO into a business. My wife Racheal Liao, gave me the FINAL push I needed, by saying this: “I think it’s time for you to stop joint venture and use your hobby to start a serious business of your own.”

Her advice had strongly influenced me, because the next day, I decided to register E-Alchemists LLP at ACRA

The Ending of E-Alchemists 1.0

Today, on June 24 2012, E-Alchemist turned one year old! This is such an emotional day for me, because E-Alchemists is my most successful business and has lasted the longest, in comparison to most of my past business experiences that failed in less than six months! I would like to use this opportunity to thank a few people who played important roles in my life.

My wife Racheal…she was the one who has been encouraging and supporting me, ever since the failure I experienced in 2008. I need to say that she never complained even though she knew that I had nothing and in spite of everything, she decided to wear my ring. Racheal, thank you for inspiring me, and reminding me not to go back to the life I lived in 2008. In less than 7 weeks, we are going to welcome our baby Cassandra Ho! I am so excited about becoming a father!

My Family…Thank you all for your support, throughout those tough four years of my life, especially my elder sister Paulyn. I am looking forward to your wedding with Jack this September.

Mr Koon Lip (mentor) & Luvie Cheah- KL, thank you for guiding me and for being the pillar of strength in the business ever since E-Alchemists was started. Your blog, ‘I’m Going to Retire by 26?, and also the straits times interview articles, truly inspired me even though I didn’t know you back then. Also, big thanks to Luvie Cheah, for all the administrative support and encouraging words during the launching of the

Mr Changchun & Patricia-Thank you both for your encouragement! I actually met Mr Koon Lip in 2010, thanks to Mr Changchun. I am grateful to all of you!
My financial planner Val-Thank you for providing financial planning services for me, my wife and of course, our daughter Cassandra. You really helped us plan our finances and savings for the rainy days. We would like to say that you are the most committed financial planner we have ever seen. In this way, I would like to recommend Val to everyone who needs financial planning services, as she is skilled and helpful.

In life, there are always ups and downs and everybody needs support sometimes. I would like to thank all the above-mentioned persons who have influenced my life in a positive way. Thank you all for being supportive when I needed it the most.

I AM DONE…Before I end, I would like to express gratitude to all of my family members! I will continue to work hard and make sure that the E-Alchemists project remains a success!