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Category Archives for Entrepreneurship

My 2015 Annual Review

Every year, I conduct my annual review and share it openly. I actually do this because I find it useful to review my own success and failures of the previous 12 months. I also think is important to hold myself publicly accountable.

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Business update

Business Update: Authority Site, Niche E-commerce, and More

Today will be a simple update post about my current business, I don’t have any mind-blowing stats to review or any good strategy to share. This is a quite a transparency sharing and I just be honest to myself.

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I Want To Connect With You

I want to connect with you. Use this page to book a call with me and we will get on Skype !

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Are You Spending Your Time With The Right People?

In this blog post i share with you how i manage to increase referral business by spending time with the right people

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Business Timeline Part 1

Business Timeline 1984 – 2002 The first 18 years of my life became the foundation of becoming the Entrepreneur. I was born in 19 July 1984 in Singapore living at Singapore together with my sister. We lived in a small town whereby most of the flat are on government rental in the early days of Singapore […]

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