Saturday, December 10, 2022
Authority Site Experiment December Update Happy New Year everyone, this is my first post in 2014. I am going to do some exciting things on this Authority Site in 2014. I took a long break from...
I decided to name this experiment an authority site instead of a niche site because, my team and I work on creating a lot of content. check out this month update
In my previous Authority site September update, I mentioned that I am going to redesign the entire site. The last theme from the themeforest was causing many problems, such as coding issues, lousy placement of blog posts, and besides these, it was hard to customize due to coding issues.
My partner and I have been updating our authority site. Ever since I announced Authority Site Experiment in May 2013, we have published 118 updates in total. We have been constantly getting about 3 thousand visitors per month
In the last year or so, the term "Authority Site" has really emerged in SEO circles as [a] the type of site to be feared in terms of SEO competition, and the most desirable type of site to build as a long-term digital asset for your business.