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Penguin Penalized Site Case Study

In my previous post I talked about the Backlinks Strategy that I was intending to use on my Penguin Penalized site. Today, since implementing the strategy, the site is showing some improvement in rankings after my Amaterasu blog network had finished drip feeding all the links.

Penguin Penalized SiteSome of the keywords had already broken into top 30 which is good news for me. I’ve also just done a check on Ahrefs  and Google webmaster, the site is still getting hack links from one of the sites.

ahrefI had already disavow the links since Oct ’14 and I think is still too early to tell because the back links database usually takes a while to refresh. Ahrefs also found the 2 switchboxes I had done – pointing the blog network links on switchbox 1 and GSA links on switchbox 2.

Penguin Penalized Site - Dec 3Let’s now compare the traffic since I started the case study on 27th Oct.

Penguin Penalized Site - Dec 4Traffic had increased by 3.5% between Oct and Nov. I am also building traffic from LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Not only that I am also creating new content for the site.
Penguin Penalized Site - Dec 5


Since Nov the organic search had increase from 9.9% to 15.8%, this is good news and it shows that the SEO is working.

Penguin Penalized Site - Dec 6

Organic search has become the 3rd highest traffic source for the site, before that it was number 4 in Oct 14. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Penguin Penalized Site - Dec 7Another way to prove that the SEO is working is to login to Google webmaster tools to check.

Penguin Penalized Site - Dec 8

Comparing the data between Oct and Nov, search impressions has increased from 2012 to 3252, which is a good sign. The clicks have also increased from 31 to 56.

Signing off

This Dec 14 I am going to re-design the site and continue to post new content – let’s see if it will impact the site ranking. If you have any comments or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment :) Stay tuned for more posts next time!


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