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Why I Came Back To Blogging?

why i came back blogging

You must be wondering why I came back to post so often nowadays in this blog? A few months ago when I met up some friends, I was surprised that they knew the progress of my business and what I was doing. I don’t need to explain so much about what I am currently doing now. They seem to know me very well.

Last month I went to Singapore Internet Marketer Networking Event, I noticed that quite a few people knew about me while I didn’t even know them at all. Even some people came to me and said, “Hi Joseph! I liked what you wrote about the experiments and tutorials.” This really boosts my confidence in blogging.

Not only that, I also have a friend whom I met up recently, he told me that my blog had inspired him to start a business. We had a long and nice chat. He said to me that I should continue to do blogging to inspire more people around me.

Why Took Me So Long?

It took me nearly 3 years to realize that I am good at writing guide & tutorial and conducting experiments. When I checked it with my readers, most of them like my guide and experiments. The real joy of blogging is I can make more online friends and some of them eventually become my partners in E-Alchemists.

Initially this blog talked a lot about general business and internet marketing tips. Then I found out that it didn’t suit my writing style because I needed 3 hours to write a single new post. However I noticed when I started writing guide and case study, I could write faster than usual. I had been writing quite a number of guides on my daily job, so I guess it is my nature that inspired me to keep on writing on this blog.

My New Direction for This Blog

I will start a few more experiments; and below are some topics that I will focus on:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Productivity Hack
  • Advanced Internet Marketing Technique
  • Business Tips

Those are some topics that interest me to write about. Besides I will also send newsletters about some more advanced techniques and tips to my subscribers. The newsletter’s contents will not be published on this blog, because it is meant for my subscribers only. If you want to receive the newsletter, be sure to subscribe to this blog. Stay tuned guys!

  • Hello Joseph,
    That is a wonderful article.I would agree that that blogging too should be easy running in someone.Always work out on what you are good or best at.This will save you more energy and time to your satisfaction.Do not force out on writing blogs in the fields you do no like or well acquainted with.

  • wkhojoseph

    Thank you ! I will !