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Business Timeline Part 1

Business Timeline 1984 – 2002

The first 18 years of my life became the foundation of becoming the Entrepreneur. I was born in 19 July 1984 in Singapore living at Singapore together with my sister. We lived in a small town whereby most of the flat are on government rental in the early days of Singapore during my parent time. I can’t remember how much is the rental but we lived just a few blocks away from our grandparents. It was a one room rental flat with a very small living room, a bed room, kitchen and toilet. After schools we usually go to our grandparents house and wait for our parents to comeback and fetch us. My parents work very hard just to support us, my entrepreneur spirit actually came from my mum, as a food stall owner she always tried to change the strategy in order to sell more. I always go to her stall and sit down to see how she run the business. An experience i will never forget till today.

From young i was a small size underweight boy and always keep things to myself. I was very quiet guy in school and doesn’t talk much. I don’t social much with my friend but i was into computer game a lot during the primary and secondary school.

My first experience with the internet was actually email ! My UK English teacher when i was in the secondary school helped me to create it and my first username was ! so cool right my email address? It was then i fall in love with computer, soon i begin to use search engine like Yahoo ( during that time Yahoo was the most popular) to search for strategy guide for my games. My family could not afford a computer for me, usually after school i will stay back and go to my school computer club to use the computer.

My first computer was Pentium 3 667mhz 128 RAM Dell computer, the computer look something like below. This computer was actually given by my cousin mum ! It was a gift from her and it cost more than $2000 ( if i remember correctly) It was running windows 95… I WAS SO HAPPY ! The journey to become an entrepreneur began !

Having my own computer was a freaking cool thing in my life during that time, but the trouble come when i am facing some technical problem. I don’t know what is reformating, installing windows , command prompt etc. I was very frustrated with myself. I started to learn myself example installing windows, reformat hard disk etc. Soon i am able to manage myself with hardware and windows! Then soon we had this dial up modem to connect to the world of internet ! It was the most the amazing thing in my life, I still remember at that moment of time the speed was56 kbps.

I begin to search for a lot of things using the Yahoo search, game guide, hack, gameshark code  and many more. I went for courses to build website using front page, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. My first website was using the geocities hosting and build using front page. That is how i got started with my web development skill. With the internet i can get to do a lot of things at home, surfing the web, chatting with people using ICQ and MIRC.

During my secondary 3, my dearest grandma pass away. She was the one who took care of me most of the time during my first 18 years of life. I was very sad and quite lost.

It was during secondary 4, i started to fail my exam, having my first relationship (a bad experience). My life was computer and gaming, i can sit in front the computer for the whole day without eating much. Then during the GCE O LEVEL i failed. I was the only person in my family that failed that exam badly. I could not get in to Singapore Polytechnic to further my study, all my friends are going ! I screw up my life and hate myself. This was how my first 18 years of life turn up, i began to feel the first failure in life that is failing my GCE O level. Lost and unsure where to go next when everybody are going to high school. I was the only one that going to different direction.

To be continue