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Announcing Authority Site Project 2

Announcing Authority Site Project 2

Authority Site Project 2 Welcome to the Authority Site Project 2! If you are new to my blog you should also check out project 1 The idea for this project is to create an authority site in the pet niche that will mainly target global and US traffic.  What is...

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My 2015 Annual Review

My 2015 Annual Review

Every year, I conduct my annual review and share it openly. I actually do this because I find it useful to review my own success and failures of the previous 12 months. I also think is important to hold myself publicly accountable.

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10 Ways To Get Google Index Your New Website

Whenever you create a new website or blog for your business, the first thing you must do before starting any SEO campaign is to index your website. Here are the 10 ways which you can use it to index your website faster.