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Backlinks Strategy

In my previous post I’ve talked about how I did the keyword research using my new process by adding in SEMrush into my workflow. Today I am going to talk about the backlinks strategy.

Here is the flowchart of my backlinks strategy:

backlinks strategyI used 3 switchbox for 301 redirects to the main money site. Why should I use 3 switchbox? Actually, these 3 switchbox will be useful for further protection; whenever there is any new Google Updates, I will still be able to turn off any affected links. The press release links is meant to lower down the anchor text ratio, because the anchor is really too high with a 24% in one of the anchor.

anchor text ratio

As this is a local site, I also used citations for Google Maps ranking. The Google My Business had been claimed and already optimized.

Things I Have Done Using Backlinks Strategy

So far I have already sent out press releases. Only 234 press releases were indexed by Google as you can see in the picture below.

Press release links

I’ve also pointed my Amaterasu blog network link into switchbox 1. You can see the result so far in the picture below:


As you can see in the picture that the local ranking slightly improved. However, the spam backlinks which were uploaded as a disavow tool, still haven’t had any effects yet. The links were still there on the Google Webmaster. However, when I checked out the Ahrefs, the count of total backlinks dropped until 5.7k from a total of 700 removed links. You can check the chart of first backlinks here.

ahref backlink

The good news is the total referring domains increased due to press release links that released in November.

Next, I will give you some clues about what I am going to do for the next few weeks. Here is the list:

  • Build citations
  • Continue to build links
  • Optimize or maybe re-design the website

If you have any comments or feedbacks, don’t hesitate to leave comment 🙂 Stay tuned for more posts next time!


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