Authority Site Project 2

Welcome to the Authority Site Project 2! If you are new to my blog you should also check out project 1

The idea for this project is to create an authority site in the pet niche that will mainly target global and US traffic. 

What is An Authority site?

When you search for information on the internet, you usually trust those that come from trusted sources.

These trusted sources are often authority sites, websites that are mainly driven by fact-based content. Personally, I believe an authority site should have three things.

  1. Fact-based content that offers value to the readers
  2. Strong editorial guidelines
  3. Considerable size that supports its reputation in the niche

If you look closely enough, they resemble popular physical businesses in so many ways: they’re popular, people trust them, and they are able to provide what consumers need.

How and when did authority sites become a “thing”.

Authority sites have been creating a large mark in the digital marketing scene for quite some time now. More and more businesses are leaning towards creating their very own authority sites, believing it will help increase traffic and revenue.

And they’re right to think that way. Not only authority sites are effective in attracting potential customers; they also offer benefits we can’t find in other marketing strategies. 

For one, you don’t need a physical inventory to support your products. All you do is create valuable content for your readers to get something out of. Second, it doesn’t require you to put up a customer service wing.

As much as we want to reach out to our customers, we all know how tedious it is to maintain this. And third, when you have established your authority sites, you can just leave it to yield continued passive results. As your business grows, you will always end up with more things to take care of and knowing that you don’t have to babysit this one certainly makes things easier.

One important thing you have to put in mind, however, is the fact that this strategy requires a lot of time. Yes, you don’t need to spend a lot. You can start your very own authority site for as low as $100 but the catch is, you need to be patient to enjoy amazing results. This is a long-term commitment, not a get-rich-quick-scheme. 

My Monetization plan

For a start I will be using Adsense, this is because I will be publishing a lot of information content and then later in the stage, I will be using Amazon and other affiliate networks.

Traffic Strategy

The traffic strategy is very straightforward. SEO will be the main traffic source for the site. I will kick it off by publishing a lot of Q&A kind of content, which I consider are the low-hanging fruits and are easier to rank up. 

What I had done

Site setup

For the domain, I had purchased an expired domain from SERP.domain. It is a brandable domain with a good and clean link profile.

For logo design instead of getting a designer to do it, I am using Canvas logo template. It is quick and fast and also saves cost. 

For web hosting I will be using WPX hosting. The reason why I am hosting on WPX is because they provide really good WordPress support, they usually reply to me within 15 minutes using the live chat. They also provide free CDN and DDOS / malware protection. If your website has been hacked or infected by some malware, they can resolve it for you for free. In the long run, all these will save me a lot of time and money. 

For website design I am using the Divi framework + extra theme. By using divi, it is easier for me to manage the site design and layout. Also, most of the themes are very professional. 

For onpage optimization these are the must plugin to install for me

  • SEOpressor – for content onpage optimization 
  • Google XML plugin – to create sitemap 
  • Link whisper – to create and manage internal linking
  • Add this – social sharing button

I had also uploaded 40 articles. Each of these articles have the following:

  • around 1000 words
  • 1 featured image and 1 image within the content content 
  • Internal linking using link whisper 
  • SEOpressor hitting 60% for each blog post. 
  • Basic schema for each blog post, schema using SEOpressor schema setting

After uploading all the articles I exported all URLs and submitted those URLs to omega indexer so it will be indexed much faster by Google.

After indexing by Google it will take a while for it to reflect on Google search so i will be updating this project soon. 

Now over to you…

What do you think of this authority site project 2?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me.