Authority Site Project 1

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Welcome to Authority Site Project 1!

What is Authority Site?
The term “Authority Site” emerged in SEO circles in the last year or so, as the type of site to be in fear of, in terms of SEO competition and it appears to be the most desirable type of site to create as a long-term digital asset for your business. So, what is an “Authority Site” exactly, and what are the reasons for building one or more of these sites? This will not necessarily be about the so-called ‘quality content’, but the emphasis will be on engaging content for a very specific audience and generate long time monthly income for you!

Read the posts below to get all the detailed updates!

For a quick summary of the timeline and major milestones of the project, please see the list here:

After publishing updates for more than 3 years I decided to stop publishing monthly updates.  However, I will still provide periodic updates when I hit other milestones or have some other major update to share.
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