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What is Preventive Maintenance Check?

preventive maintenance check

My authority site project has been running for almost 24 months now, and for the past 2 months the site was getting slower and slower. I haven’t been doing many maintenance checks as I thought it’d just be like running a niche site – once you complete the website, you can just host it and forget about it.

Obviously, I was wrong. Running an authority site requires running frequent maintenance checks!

At first I didn’t care much about it, but the problem started becoming worse than I’d anticipated. Just as for human beings, where we need a yearly maintenance check-up to make sure we are in optimal condition, in my day job as an IT professional, I always do PC preventive maintenance checks which includes the following :

  • Cleaning your computer hardware.
  • Downloading the latest drivers for your hardware.
  • Downloading the latest updates for your computer software.
  • Verifying you have the latest anti-virus protection updates on your computer.
  • Running disk software utilities such as Defrag and ScanDisk on your hard drive.
  • Deleting unused programs or other files on your computer.
  • If you don’t turn off your computer it may be good to reboot your computer every few months, unless the computer is a critical computer such as a computer server.

Similarly, websites also require preventive maintenance checks! Website preventive maintenance check is defined as the act of a regularly scheduled check of the your website to help ensure that it continues to operate properly.

As for myself, I do not have any experience in maintaining a big site like this, so I went to look for wordpress subject matter experts from Codeable because I’ve really had a lot of good experience working with the guys there.

Here are the issues I’ve had after doing a maintenance check on my authority site with the guys from codeable :-

My cpanel was showing that my authority site is using 17G of space, which is huge for a website with only 500 posts.

My wp-admin panel is lagging and loading very slowly each time I log in to update a post. It could take up to 30 to 60 seconds to update a post or plugins.

When a user accesses my authority site, it will take up to 30 seconds to load my site – and this is crazy!

Preventive Maintenance Check
Before anything is down

There were a lot of unwanted logs file that take up to 3GB !

I also found 2 files that were there for no reason in my cpanel public folder which was more than 8GB !

Authority Site : Preventive Maintenance Check cpanel

Preventive Maintenance Check
Found 2255 database error!

After Preventive Maintenance

It took about a week to clean up the authority site together with the WordPress expert from codeable. We managed to resolve all the issues and also tweaked the website load speed. I had also created a guide on how to do proper website preventive maintenance check click here to download my checklist.

At that point of time my authority site was using linux vps hosting and it is still getting only 13 seconds with maxcdn turned on.

After optimization

So I decided to move the site to a professional wordpress hosting. Professional WordPress hosting and normal vps or shared hosting are 2 different services. A WordPress hosting company tweaks their server to optimize for WordPress sites only. It is usually fast and with good security. After looking around at the different WordPress hosting companies I decided to go with traffic planet hosting.

There are a few reasons why I chose to host my site with them: I am familiar with Terry, the owner of Traffic Planet Hosting, and he has always been very committed to his product – for example, SEO Traffic Hack Forum which I’ve been a member of  for 2 years.

I also read about his case studies comparing Traffic Planet Hosting and other hosting companies like bluehost, hostgator etc.

Here are the case studies :-

Why You Should Never Ever Use These Hosting Companies For Money Sites part 1

Why You Should Never Ever Use These Hosting Companies For Money Sites – Part 2

With that, I decided to migrate and here is the result !

After optimization1

Holy shit right? To have a site load under 2 seconds! A huge difference and now my wp-admin dashboard can load under 3 seconds during the editing and updating of content. Previously, it was lagging greatly and loading very slowly.

For a big site like my mine to load under 2 seconds is really fast, even with 34 plugins installed on my authority site!

Key Takeaway

Using VPS hosting does not mean the website will be fast because you still need to do housekeeping. Always solve the issue straightaway if you see something wrong with your website.

Do website preventive maintenance check every 6 months, by doing this you can prevent problems from snowballing into bigger ones. Use a wordpress hosting like Traffic Planet Hosting if you are serious about WordPress website speed.

Installing too many plugins it itself does not cause slowness, it has more to do with how good the plugin code is.

Click here to download my website preventive maintenance checklist

Please share your comments below if you have any experience in optimizing websites!


  1. Nice Joseph. I’ve heard good things about Traffic Planet too. I’ll have to read those articles about not hosting money sites on crappy hosting. My 2 main earning niche sites are still on my old Hostgator shared hosting account. Really stupid, I know!

    After I finish up a few other projects, I’m going to upgrade my WPEngine account (where I host DumbPassiveIncome) to the Professional plan where I’ll be able to have 10 domains and MaxCDN will be included in that price. Currently I have no CDN for any of my sites.

    Here’s something interesting though. I’ve been building all of my new niche sites on Bluehost hosting and I pay a little extra to get a dedicated IP. Those sites are all loading under 2 seconds! But for my good earning sites – I definitely want to move them to WPEngine for speed, security and the automated daily backups!

    btw… really nice use of The Content Upgrade Strategy within this post!

  2. Hey Matt, actually Bluehost and hostgator belong to the same company EIG. I had some bad experience with them. If the site are loading fine then I suggest to keep it and do regularly preventive maintenance check. I am moving most of money site to traffic Planet because of their good support and free migration.

    I read your content upgrade strategy that is why i decided to try it out.


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