Authority Site Experiment – September 2013 Update

My blog was down for the past few months because I was in the process of changing hosts and the database was corrupted. I could not recover many of the niche site updates unfortunately. ­čÖü

However, my partner and I have been updating our authority site. Ever since I announced Authority Site Experiment in May 2013, we have published 118 updates in total. We have been constantly getting about 3 thousand visitors per month. Below you can see the screenshot of the traffic for September.

Niche site update 1

niche site ranking

niche site ranking in search engine

visitors stats

Summary for Authority Site September 2013

Most of the traffic came from Singapore and many Long Tail Keywords ranked up as well.

  • Total Visitors : 2921
  • AdSense earning is $4.97
  • Keywords ranked in the top 10 : 70
  • Subscriber : 1

What is my next Authority Site Plan?

I plan to redesign the whole website, so that it can be better viewed on the mobile, and to provide a better placement of ads. Currently, the placement of ads and email opt-in, were not in a good position as far as I can tell. At the moment, there are a lot of bugs and not much support. I am quite disappointed with the theme I bought from

Almost half of the traffic came from mobile devices, as you can see. The new design of the website I am going to build needs to fulfill the requirements that you can see below.

  • A responsive website design
  • Improved positioning of ads for mobiles, desktops and tablets
  • Better page email opt-in page placement

This is what we are going to do this October Stay tuned for my next update!