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Authority Site Experiment October Updates

In my previous September update, I mentioned that I am going to redesign the entire site. The last theme from the themeforest was causing many problems, such as coding issues, lousy placement of blog posts, and besides these, it was hard to customize due to coding issues. Some of the WordPress plug-ins could not work properly. I was angry and frustrated, so we decided to redesign the site. We did this based on some important points as shown below.

  • Made a responsive website design
  • Improved positioning of ads for mobiles, desktops and tablets
  • Improved email opt-in page placement

My team and I finally managed to complete redesigning the site and now it looks entirely fresh! Since we started redesigning, I was shocked that there has been a traffic increase of almost 1000!

Authority Site October Traffic

Niche site 2.0 Oct traffic

Last month’s traffic was 2921 in total, while this month’s traffic is 4042! Holy shit, a 41.8 % increase! Page view has also increased by 45.26%, which is great! It could be due to extra visitors or maybe because the site has a more responsive design now and makes it easier for users to view other sites. Let us dig deeper into this!

Niche site 2.0 Oct traffic update

Search engines traffic continue to be the main traffic source for the site which is now increase by 42.96% ! I spent $60 USD on 2 promotion post and social traffic this month increase by 363.16%, one of the main reason i wanted to start looking at social traffic is because i cannot rely totally on search traffic. One of the big mistake i made last time was too rely on search engine traffic, whenever there is a google algo update my traffic will be wipe out!

Authority Site SEO

Niche site 2.0 SEO

Search engine traffic continues to be the main traffic source for the site, which has now increased by 42.96%! I spent $60 on two promotion posts and this month’s social traffic increased by 363.16%! One of the reasons I wanted to start following the social traffic is that I cannot rely entirely on search engine traffic. The biggest mistake I made the last time was that I completely relied on search engine traffic and whenever there was a Google update my traffic was wiped out!.

For this month, the three main SEO keywords I have been using are now in the top 20 in Google search. What I have been doing is on-page SEO and Multi tiers backlinking using web 2.0. I am going to do some serious SEO this month, since this site has worked in this way for more than 3 months now. I want to test whether I am able to increase the site traffic and the ranking.

Niche site 2.0 SEO 2

Many keyword rankings have been dropping this month and this is caused by two Google updates in OCT, Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1, and these are the reasons for people’s rankings dropping!

Niche site 2.0 SEO 3

A number of 34 keywords that ranked in the top 10 in Google search are mostly Long Tail keywords. I will continue to monitor the SEO this November.

Authority Site Summary is:

  • Total Visitors : 4042
  • AdSense earning is $4.97
  • Keywords ranked in the top 10 : 34
  • Subscriber : 3
  • Facebook fan page: 281
  • Instagram: 219
  • Twitter: 1

This November, I am going to do the following:

  • Add a better opt-in box
  • Some serious SEO
  • 4 paid Facebook promotions
  • Ads management for the people that want to purchase banner ads
  •  Traffic Goal 5000

Stay tuned guys!


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