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Authority Site Experiment Update

I decided to name this experiment an authority site instead of a niche site because, my team and I work on creating a lot of content. In the previous month, I mentioned that the goals for November were:

  • Add in a better opt in box  
  • Some serious SEO
  • 4 paid facebook promotion
  • Ads management for people to purchase banners ads.
  • Traffic Goal 500

For November, we achieved the goal to increase the traffic and it reached a number of 8287 visitors! It is A RECORD for this experiment, an increase of 105%! Now, the average number of visitors is 200 per day.

uthority Site experiment Nov update 1

I managed to install WP Super Cash to optimize the speed of access to the site. However, the site is still loading at a speed of 3s, which is not good. I managed to reduce the bounce rate to 1% and it is currently at 73.36%, which is still high. I am still trying to decrease the site loading time and reduce the bounce rate. We spent about $80 on Facebook marketing and managed to increase the social traffic to 2417, which is now, the second highest traffic source besides the organic search. This also increased the number of fans to 445.

Authority Site SEO

I was not able to do much during November, in terms of SEO. I was busy improving the social traffic so that I would be able to form a community for recurring traffic, when I post new content on the site. My VA is still making multi tiers backlinks to the site. The main keywords should be as shown below:

  • Keyword 1 : 20
  • Keyword 2 : 6
  • Keyword 3 : 7

The rest of the keywords are all long tails from the content with very little competition.

Authority Site Experiment Summary

  • Total Visitors : 8287 (increase of 105%)
  • Adsense earning is $22.40 (increase of 350%)
  • Subscriber : 18 (increase of 500%)
  • Facebook fan page: 445 (increase of 58%)
  • Instagram: 261 (increase of 19%)
  • Twitter: 1 (no change)
  • RSS : 14 (NEW)
  • Total posts : 174 (NEW)

Authority Site Experiment December

Below are to do lists for December:

  • Migrate to SG web hosting for better site loading time
  • Optimize adsense for mobiles
  • Create a lead magnet to increase the opt-in.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Awesome November and glad that your decision to change the site theme has benefited you. =)

    Any idea what’s the cause of the 2 spike in traffic from your google analytics? Is it the days that you run your FB ads?


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