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Authority Site Experiment – January Update

I was busy during January, because my family and I were preparing for the Chinese New Year festival season in Singapore. We had to do a lot of house cleaning! After a long holiday, I lost my momentum and I actually was not able to wake up as early as 5am every morning to do the online business. I am still working full time and this extra hours of sleep, helped me a lot. It took me a while to be able to go back to waking up at 5am and get things done.

Now, let us look at the update for this authority site experiment

Authority Site Experiment To Do Lists:

1.)   Ads Management System

I managed to set up this ad management system using OIOpublisher. OIO is an ad manager that enables you to maximize your revenues, save time and it gives you complete control of your ad space.  Using this WordPress plug-in allows you to keep 100% of your revenues and you can forget about the middleman commission. You are able to run 3rd party ad networks in addition to your own ads. The most important fact is that you have complete control over your advertising with fully automated sales.

Using the references from, I created something similar, but in SGD dollar.

Ads Price Lists


After the installation and configuration, I started running some beta tests using the plug-in. I also invited some of my friends on Facebook to advertise for free for a month, just to get some data and see how well it performed. If somebody wants to test the ads, let me know, because this site is currently targeting food niche.

2.)   Two Facebook ads

I did 2 Facebook ads this January. One ad drives the traffic directly to the blog posts and the other ad gives Fun page likes.

Below are the stats.

facebook ads


facebook ads 2


These two ads drove 477 visitors from Facebook that day and broke the record in attracting visitors, making the total number of 906 visitors in a single day! At this moment, I am not sure whether the stats are good, because I am not a pro in social media, but I will get more information regarding this. It seems to me these are good.

3.)   Create a Lead Magnet and increase the opt-in

I failed at this because I am still thinking what kind of lead magnet to offer for food niche.

Authority Site Traffic Status

authority site traffic status


Authority sites traffic 2


We finally reached 10k visitors per month! 70% of the traffic came from search engines, and currently the site is ranked for many long tail keywords. This worries me because the majority of the traffic came from Google. I learned from my past mistake that, for a niche site to work well and survive Google updates, we need diversity of the traffic sources. In the past, whenever there was a Google update, my niche site rankings would drop and this caused the earnings to drop! I would better start making the traffic sources diverse.

Authority Site Experiment Summary

  • Total Visitors: 10762 (increase of 47%)
  • Adsense earning is $0, as I am currently testing a new ad management tool, that is why it did not install AdSense
  • Subscriber: 29 (increase of only 3 subscribers)
  • Facebook Fan page: 566 (increase of 121 fans)
  • Instagram: 386 (increase of 59 followers)
  • Twitter: 1 (no change)
  • RSS : 11 (increase of 7)
  • Total posts : 225 (increase of 25 posts)

Authority Site Revenue model

I met an Internet marketing friend, who is an expert on Google AdWords and he gave me some advice. We actually summarized all of the web properties that Authority Site has, and planned the income stream. So far, the weakest point of this site was the generation of income. I explored the revenue models and I am still trying to decide which revenue model to choose.

revenues model

I might want to get another partner to help me expand the blog. This is still under discussion and it has not been determined yet, but I am really looking forward to it!

In February, I am going to do the following:

1) Create a Lead magnet to capture more opt-in

2) Increase the opt-in rate

That is all for now, stay tuned!


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