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Authority Site Experiment

In February, my wife and I started preparing our daughter for school, for the first time after 18 months. She is going to be in toddler nursery in March, in a completely new environment, so we need to prepare her for it. The festival season and the holidays are over and it is really time for me to start working on this.

Now, let us look at the update for the Authority site:

1.) Create a Lead magnet to capture more opt-in – DONE

I decided to use our blog to notify subscribers when there is an update on the blog.  For example, if there is a new post published on the blog itself, it will automatically send an e-mail to notify the subscriber. I think that this is currently the best for subscribers, until we come up with a better option for the LEAD magnet.

2.) Increase the opt-in rate – DONE

I am currently testing a different type of opt-in method to split test in order to see which design will get the best conversion rate and more subscribers. I am using the OptinMonster WordPress plugin to do the split testing and there are many features such as these below:

  • A/B Testing of different designs, layouts and styles
  • Page level targeting – this plugin targets individual pages so that I can build a hyper targeted list
  • Analytics – this is very important for researching and planning your strategies

We managed to get 15 more subscribers this month by using the OptinMonster. This can still be improved!

3.) Revenue Model

I finally decided upon a revenue model for the authority site and since this is a food review website, we are going to use paid reviews such as these below:

Package Paid Review

  • $250 paid review package
    • 1 blog post approximately 400-500 words, including a review of product/service with images.
    • 1 Facebook post that will stay on top of our Fan page for 1 week
    • 1 Email blast sent to our mailing list
    • 5 Instagram posts
    • 1 banner placement on our blog for 30 days

Let’s see if this can work out!

Authority Site Traffic Status

Authority Site Traffic Status

 Authority Site Traffic Status 2

The total increase in traffic on the website is 23% (13,322 in total), which comes from the following sources. As you can see from the graph, organic traffic continues to grow, which takes 69% of the total traffic. For this month, I also pushed up social traffic by putting 2 Facebook ads to increase likes and traffic on the pages.

Authority Site Experiment Summary

Authority Site Traffic Status 3

As you can see, the site is still growing in terms of traffic, facebook fans and instagram followers. The partner that I talked about on the last post decided to join us later on. This is something really exciting!

For the upcoming, I am going to focus on the following:

1.) Redesign the site again – there is a high increase in bounce rate, which happened on the homepage. The reason for this could be the theme I am currently using as it takes too much time loading, therefore the user leaves faster.

Authority Site Traffic Status 4

Authority Site Traffic Status 5

As you can see, the average loading time of the site is 12.42, which is really slow. There could be an issue with the shared hosting as well, so we are thinking whether we should upgrade the server to VPS hosting. However, we are just talking about this for now.

2) Start another source of traffic, pinterest for example

That is all for now, do you have any comments?


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