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Authority Site Experiment December Update

Happy New Year everyone, this is my first post in 2014. I am going to do some exciting things on this Authority Site in 2014. I took a long break from work and together with my family, went on a trip to Taiwan, where we spent 11 days. It was a great trip, and this was the first time that I spent straight 11 days 24/7, with my baby girl, and she really enjoyed herself.

taiwan trip

First, let us see how this site performed for the month of December 2013. In the previous month, I decided to do the following tasks:

  • Migrated to SC web hosting for better site loading time
  • Optimize AdSense for mobiles (I am still trying hard to manage this)
  • Create a Lead magnet and increase the opt-in (Creating is in the process)

This December, I decided to stop using Facebook Ads and see how the blog would react during the holiday season and to my surprise, it went well.


Authority site

Dec Authority site 1

I managed to move the hosting, from US to Singapore hosting (E-Alchemists Hosting), and the organic search increased by 41%, in comparison to the last month’s 3754. As I did not use any Facebook ads this December, the social traffic dropped from 2417 last month to 290. I am satisfied with the increase of the organic search.

Authority Site SEO

The only thing I did this month was to migrate to Singapore Hosting. This played a part in the increase of Google ranking. Throughout my testing, I noticed that no matter what country you want to rank for, hosting had an important influence. For this site, the target audience is from Singapore and that is why I decided to move to the Singapore hosting. This was complicated, because the site is so big and uses the space of 5GB.

Below is a list of the keyword ranking:

  • Keyword 1 : 9
  • Keyword 2 : 6
  • Keyword 3 : 7

Authority Site Experiment Summary

  • Total Visitors: 7300 (decrease of 11%)
  • Adsense earning is $13.33 (decrease of 40%)
  • Subscriber: 26 (increase of 44%)
  • Facebook Fan page: 445 (the same)
  • Instagram: 327 (25%)
  • Twitter: 1 (no change)
  • RSS : 4 (not sure how to count this)
  • Total posts : 200

One of the food stalls we reviewed actually featured our website on their marketing banner.

Dec Authority site 2

Below are to do lists for January 2014:

  • Ads management
  • 2 Facebook Ads
  • Create a Lead magnet to increase the opt-in

Stay Tuned!


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